Design Consultant for Partnering For Success (Multiple Specialties)


Kenneth Boroson Architects, LLC.


10,000 GSF total building area
5,000 GSF – Children’s Dental Associates
5,000 GSF – Kozlowski Orthodontics


East Lyme, CT

Year Complete


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HJT was commissioned to partner with Kenneth Boroson Architects, LLC. (Architect of Record) to design a 10,000 GSF structure to house two separate dental practices (each 5,000 GSF) for a Pediatric Dentist and an Orthodontist. Careful considerations were given to every aspect of the design to provide both clients with optimal spatial functionality and efficiency for all areas of their individual practices and specialties. Building orientation, placement, and site design were thoroughly analyzed and executed to provide the best access for patients and staff and at the same time provide great visibility to vehicular traffic. Balancing the parking requirements to service the individual practices was a bit challenging and required some creative solutions to achieve harmony.