Top 3 Dental Office Expansion Options to Maximize Productivity

Posted by HJT Design

Top 3 Dental Office Expansion Options to Maximize Productivity
There are a lot of options for a practitioner to consider when determining the needs of their dental office expansion – not just for the practitioner himself but also for their staff and their patients.
In particular, it is important to consider how patients will be received, how the staff members can be most effective and how patients will be discharged. It is not a simple task and should be carefully considered. With that thought in mind, here are just a few of the most important factors to consider:

Customer Care Starts at the Entrance

The patients of a dental practice are naturally apprehensive when they arrive. It is imperative that the staff understand this fact and make the customers as comfortable as quickly as possible. To aid in this goal, a dental office expansion should make the intake area as noticeable as possible and also make the waiting area as inviting as possible. This means adding front counters that are not intimidating but welcoming as well as dedicated spaces for both adult and juvenile customers.

Open Treatment Areas

In the past, for the sake of patient privacy, separate treatment areas were considered necessary. These days, ideas on the matter have significantly changed. Open treatment areas where patients can interact during down times are now considered the best way to keep them happy and healthy. In addition, open treatment areas allow the staff to multitask and more efficiently deal with the duties associated with numerous patients.

The Doctors Also Need a Quiet Space

The whirlwind of activity that envelops a dental practice space revolves around the dentists themselves. At some point in the day, they will undoubtedly need a minute or two to simply find their bearings and a small room dedicated solely to them fits the bill quite nicely. It need not be tto grand – a window an television are usually sufficient to let them relieve some of the strain of the day. There is no real need to lock the door to this room – as emergencies do happen – but a simple sign that indicates its true purpose is welcomed.

Recovery Rooms Are Also Required

It is no longer considered adequate by patients to leave them sitting in a treatment chair after a prolonged treatment. Instead, they expect to immediately be led to and then comfortably ensconced in a recovery room. In a similar vein, patients also want to be discharged as soon as possible so a dedicated – and isolated – desk should be allotted for this purpose. After all, you do not want to keep your patients waiting while they are trying to pay you.
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