4 Ways Your Dental Remodel Attracts New Hires

Posted by HJT Design

4 Ways Your Dental Office Remodel Attracts New Hires

Are you considering remodeling your dental practice or have you already begun a remodeling project? You may have never thought about it before, but the process of remodeling your dental office can actually be very effectual in generating leads for any job openings that you may have.

Even if you don’t currently have any open positions, you can use your dental office remodeling projects to attract high-quality candidates that can be considered for positions at a later time or to reevaluate the current quality of the facility for your staff members.

Here are four surprising ways and you can leverage dental office remodeling project into a better staff.

You Never Get A Second First Impression

Whether it be through viewing images of your dental practice online through research, or when they walk in for an interview, you want all of your prospective job candidates to feel welcomed by the appearance of your dental practice. If candidates walk into a dark, dingy office space, they are likely to be turned off by the potential job position.

Attractive Office Spaces

As you are giving prospective job applications a tour of your dental practice, it would be beneficial for them to see that your office spaces and treatment rooms are both spacious and modern. The interior design of your remodeled dental practice should be targeted at driving productivity capable of enhancing any mood that your staff or potential staff may experience.

A Convenient Office Layout

Many outdated dental offices feature a layout or floorplan that does not make sense or is not optimized for efficiency. When you remodel, you can make sure that there is a convenient floor plan with features like a centralized clinical station so that your employees can quickly and easily go between patients without having to run down the hall for supplies. Small things like this can make a huge impact on both employee and client satisfaction rates and are worth the investment.

Healthy and Safe Work Environment

High-quality job applicants will be in search of a dental practice that will offer them a safe, healthy, and overall positive place to work. When you remodel your dental office, you will be able to eradicate any potential health concerns that may be lurking behind walls ceilings and floors such as mold or asbestos.

Furthermore, remodeling will present you with the opportunity to install more tech-savvy and advanced methods of keeping your office space a happy and healthy place to work. Some of these advancements might include specialty lighting, aromatherapy, and humidity regulators.

Social Media Updates

A very inexpensive and effective way that you can both promote your dental practice and attract job applications is to create content surrounding the remodel of your dental practice. By documenting the progress of your remodel and the finished product you will be able to engage with customers, the community, and others looking for jobs that are curious about what you have going on. Sharing your renovation projects on social media is a very inexpensive way to up your ROI on job seeker marketing.


When you create a new space for your staff to enjoy, you can build upon your repuation as a great place to work.  If you are condiering a remodel for your dental practice, contact HJT Dental Design Consultants.  We would be happy to tell you about ways we can work together to create a dental design that meets the needs of you, your patients, and staff.