5 Myths About Dental Office Renovations

Posted by HJT Design

5 Myths About Dental Office Renovations

There are many important reasons to consider a complete overhaul of your dental office. Maybe you are considering moving to a new location that needs some work. Maybe you’re hoping to expand your practice and think that a new look, design, and style will attract new patients. Or, it could be that you’re looking for a new design and style to just liven up your office and show your staff just how much you value and appreciate them? No matter what the reason, any expert in the dental industry will tell you that an office renovation is a great investment into the future of your practice.

Before you call a dental design consultant or make that first down payment on your renovation, take a look at these common myths about dental office renovations and be sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s important that you go into a redesign project with reasonable expectations and clear goals in mind so that you can remain focused throughout the redesign process.

Myth #1: An office renovation will give my patients a better experience.

There is a belief that a sleekly designed dental office with all of the latest and greatest equipment will be more impressive to your patients. The reality is, most of your patients won’t know the difference between dental instrument brands and fine leather furniture eventually looks worn down. However, they will know quality care, personal service, and good communication. Yes, the look and feel of your dental office matters, but honest service with integrity, high safety and cleanliness standards, knowledgeable staff, and patience with your patients will be what brings them back again and again.

Myth #2: My dental office redesign should account for all new dental technologies.

Although an office redesign MAY be a good time to introduce new dental services to your practice, it’s important to look to your community and your staff to determine if new service additions would be welcomed or needed. Adding cosmetic dentistry, for example, would require a significant investment on your part. Is your patient demographic likely to invest in cosmetic dentistry? You may not want to invest in expensive new equipment if the ROI won’t pay off for a long time. Weigh the risks and benefits to decide if new service additions are necessary. If you decide against it, there still are many other changes that can be made to improve the aesthetic look and feel of your office.

Myth #3: Dental Office Redesigns take too long which will negatively impact my practice.

Yes, a major dental office renovation could take a long time to complete, but in many cases, much of the work could be completed before and after hours, on weekends, or while you work. A renovation project doesn’t have to cut into your hours of operation or be a terrible inconvenience for your patients. Working with the right dental design consultant team can help minimize the length and inconvenience of your project.

Myth #4: Dental office renovations are too expensive and not a realistic option.

Your renovation project can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it. The addition of natural plants, a fresh coat of paint, or new flooring can go a long way to update the aesthetic look of your office without breaking the bank. You can buy high-end refurbished dental furniture and equipment at a fraction of the cost of brand-new pieces. There are endless ways you can cut costs on your project and still make your office look like a top-scale facility. Communicate your budget with your design consultant and commit to sticking to it. You can make your office look like a million bucks without having to spend it.

Myth #5: Dental renovation projects always end up going over budget.

Yes, it’s wise to always plan for a cushion in your budget in case unexpected expenses arise, as can be common. Construction projects can lead to additional fees or problems that must be solved. However, the right design consultant team can help you stay on budget and find other ways to save when unexpected costs arise. They will help you plan your budget before you get started, accounting for added expenses and realistic costs that could easily be overlooked.

The key to planning and completing a successful dental office redesign is to partner with the right design consultant team from the start. Industry experts with design knowledge can help you anticipate what you’ll need to invest for your vision to become reality.

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