5 Reasons You Should Not Follow a Generic Dental Office Design

Posted by HJT Design

5 Reasons You Should Not Follow a Generic Dental Office Design

Did you know that going the safe route with a dental office design, shying away from modern trends and color schemes could end up be the worst financial decision you could ever make for your dental practice? Cookie cutter designs and generic aesthetics are a turn-off to patients looking for a dentist that will stick out amongst the rest. The right design will offer your patients and staff a much-welcomed excitement about visiting the dentist that stands in deep contrast to the boring, drab offices that people have dreaded to visit for years and years.

Here are five reasons to show you why.

1. A custom dental office Design improves patient confidence.

Let’s face it. People do judge a book by its cover, and they do judge the competency and quality of dental care from their provider by the interior and exterior design of the dentist office. An office that is modernized with updated equipment, current art styles, and comfy furniture with modern fabric and design in the waiting room send the message that your dental office adapts along with changes in the dental industry. This gives patients confidence knowing that they’re in the best hands possible for their dental care needs.

2. A well-designed dental office can improve patient health.

It’s no secret to you that many dental patients are anxious and stressed about visiting the dentist. For some patients, high amounts of stress can lead to nausea, headaches, debilitating anxiety or even panic attacks. However, with the right dental office interior design elements, many of your patients can visit the dentist feeling comfortable, confident, and at peace about their experience. An updated HVAC system can also help to improve the air quality throughout your office, providing your patients (and staff) with clean air for breathing and reducing the spread of airborne contagions. The atmosphere of your dental office, along with outstanding bedside manner can literally help improve overall patient health.

3. A customized dental office design improves doctor-patient relationships.

With a well-thought- out interior design chosen to accommodate an office’s desired goals and outcomes regarding patient care, dentists and hygienists can have more time to build meaningful doctor-patient relationships. With a makeover of the physical space, additional treatment rooms, recovery rooms or labs can be added to increase service capabilities. If patient scheduling is also reconfigured to reflect the office’s new capabilities, then dentists will be able to dedicate more time to patient care as opposed to rushing from patient to patient in overcrowded, unorganized office spaces.

4. A generic dental office design hurts workplace satisfaction.

Nobody likes coming to work in a drab, boring, blah kind of workplace. Wall colors can affect mood, furniture styles can influence perceptions, and updated technology can enhance workers’ skills and knowledge of the industry. Show your staff that you want to go above and beyond to boost their excitement about coming to work. You can make or break their day-to-day satisfaction about coming to work with an interior design that fosters beauty, comfort, collaboration, and joy.

5. A one-of-a-kind dental office design will attract new patients.

If growing your patient base for your dental practice is one of your end goals for your dental office renovation, then it’s important to realize that a generic dental office design that simply reflects a cold, sterile medical facility won’t be enough of a draw to attract new patients. Today’s patients are looking for a dentist office that is comfortable, warm and welcoming that features modern amenities and technology to offer the best care possible. Current patients who love the customized changes to your dental office’s interior design will spread the word and encourage their friends and family to check your office out.

Our experts at here at HJT Dental Design Consultants proudly create custom dental office designs that take offices to the next level, setting them apart from the competition. How can we help you discover the potential that a new dental office interior design will bring to your practice? Contact us today for a no-hassle initial consultation.