6 Benefits to Choosing the Right Dental Clinic Design

Posted by HJT Design

6 Benefits to Choosing the Right Dental Clinic DesignYou may be tempted to think that a basic, generic dental office remodel is all that is necessary to spruce up your practice’s appearance. Splash some paint on the wall, change out a few inspirational prints in the waiting room, and replace the wobbly chairs people sit on and your practice will be good to go. 

But the truth is, a well-planned dental office redesign is important to successfully manage the growth and productivity of your practice when you’re looking to make a change.

A few simple changes can go a long way in improving your patient experience, but if you want to really stand out as an exceptional dentist in a competitive market, you’ll need to look deeper than just wall art and furniture. If you do, you’ll likely experience results that will pay off big time in the long run.

Here are just 6 of the many benefits of a high-quality dental office redesign that you should consider.

Your dental practice can be on the cutting edge of dental technology and innovation.

Choosing the right dental clinic design means that you’ve got the power to decide how and where you’ll use innovative dental technology throughout your practice. Whether you’re choosing digital scheduling software or choosing the latest and greatest in oral surgery systems or packages, the technology you use will have a significant influence on your services and capabilities. The dental industry can be very competitive in any community but using the right technology to improve your practice can offer you just the boost you need to edge past your competition.

Your dental practice can become the model for other dental practices to follow.

When you have a dental practice that sticks out above the rest, with top-notch patient care, a strikingly beautiful, unique and contemporary office design, and full-service capabilities, you’ll create a model for other dental practices to copy. Even though every office is unique and offers various benefits for their patients, yours could be the inspiration that challenges others to push for excellence in their services.

A good dental office design will improve workplace efficiency and productivity.

Some of the most important changes you can make to your office’s design will impact the productivity and efficiency of your staff. The proper design and layout can impact your overall patient experience and ease of which work. Your hygienists and office staff need proper space to move about the office without running into each other. The proper layout will allow for the appropriate number of treatment rooms or chairs to effectively accommodate the patients you serve in a timely manner. When your staff are able to do their jobs easily and your patients are seen and treated quickly, that’s a good day.

Your dental clinic design will make a statement about your complete patient experience.

What are the things that are most important about your overall patient experience in your office? From the moment your patients walk through the door, your office design can help them feel comfortable, at ease, and confident about their upcoming appointment.

Comfortable furniture in the waiting room, coffee or espresso for your patients to enjoy while they wait to be served, an orderly and efficient check-in process, and welcoming art work and décor- these non-verbal cues all give your patients a glimpse of what type of care they can expect once they’re seen by the dentist. If their waiting experience seems outdated and unwelcoming, they’ll likely assume that the visit with the dentist won’t be any better. Instead, be sure that the interior design of your dentist office gives your patients something to look forward it.

Gain word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied patients.

One of the most effective and helpful forms of marketing that your dental practice could ever receive. The right dental office design will give your customers something to talk about whenever their friends and family ask for a good dentist recommendation. When asked what your patients love about your practice, they’ll point out things like wait time, waiting room appearance, family-friendliness, the courtesy of the dentists and hygienists, or the welcoming atmosphere of the facility.

Are there unique elements throughout your office that showcase what’s important to you? This might mean incorporating recycled furniture or décor throughout the space, wall art created by local children, or live plants throughout the waiting room to add natural beauty to the space. These are the types of things your patients will talk about. And the best news is, this type of marketing is completely FREE to you.

Experience financial growth after a well-planned dental office renovation.

For most dental practices, the end goal of a dental office remodel is to increase business and experience financial growth as a result. An office remodel can be rather expensive, so it’s important to receive a return-on-investment that is worth your time, money and hassle of the remodel. But, with the right design, created by experienced dental office design consultants, your remodel will successfully improve your patient experience, workplace productivity, and expand your practice.

You may add additional services to better meet the needs of new or existing patients, and you’ll likely be able to serve them in a more effective manner. These are elements that make for a successful, growing dental practice.

If you’re considering a total dental office redesign for your practice, getting started is quick and easy. The industry experts at HJT Dental Design Consultants have created a handy, free Construction Budget Calculator to help you determine the best options to fit your needs and budget. Simply check out the calculator online or contact HJT Dental Design Consultants for more information.