Attracting the Next Generation of Dental Patients-and Keeping Them

Posted by HJT Design

Smiling dentist talking to a patient in a modern dental office.

When it comes to the success of your dental practice, it is just as important to retain patients as it is to attract new ones, especially when dealing with the younger demographic. Millennials are growing up and having families, and can easily turn into lifetime patients, so it’s crucial to look at all of the various ways you can attract the next generation of dental patients, from your marketing approach to your dental office design.

Adopt a Modern Marketing Approach

It’s no secret that the younger generations are tied to their smartphones, so it’s important to go mobile when it comes to your scheduling and marketing approach in order to attract a younger demographic. Offer the ability for patients to schedule appointments online and receive text message alerts on their cell phones instead of reminder phone calls.

Your website should also impress and be easy to navigate and locate pertinent information. Millennials much prefer seeking information online rather than have to make phone calls, so your website should include insurance information as well as the ability to make payments online, schedule or cancel appointments, and leave messages for a receptionist or billing specialist.

The younger generation is also visual, so consider adding videos and photos to your website and of course, you need to get active on social media if you haven’t already.

Stand Out From the Crowd

It takes a little bit more effort these days to impress today’s youth, so if your dental office looks like it was designed more for grandma, then that’s going to turn away the younger crowd. Instead, opt for visually appealing spaces and keep it clean and modern. Add a pop of color on the walls, and incorporate some bright, cheerful colors throughout the rest of the dental practice.

When considering various dentist office design ideas, offer those luxurious touches that people of all ages will appreciate. Designate a small children’s play area with a video gaming system, and a small table and chairs to keep younger families with children entertained. For the adults, offer comfortable yet stylish furniture, along with some modern eye-catching artwork, or framed inspirational quotes on the walls.

Keep it Open

Gone are the days of closed off, dark and dingy operatory rooms. Consider opening up your dental practice by knocking down some walls and opening up your spaces, if possible. By keeping it open, patients will feel more relaxed as they will have more room to move about freely and safely, and your staff will certainly appreciate the extra elbow room as well.

Invest in New Technology

The younger generation is all about technology, so if you’re not keeping up with the latest dental technology trends, they’ll be sure to take notice and wonder why other dental practices are offering services that yours is not.

Don’t Forget About the Exterior

Consider sprucing up your landscaping by adding some plants or cheerful flowers and make sure the exterior looks equally as impressive as the interior, even if that requires a fresh coat of paint or some construction modifications.

Young people are busy and often in a hurry, so also make sure your entrance and exits are well marked and obvious.

If you take the time to consider the younger generations when implementing your dentist office design ideas, you’ll be sure to attract loyal, enthusiastic patients who will happily return to your dental practice for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help increase your patient flow through design.