Are Dental Office Design Companies Worth the Price They Charge?

Posted by HJT Design

If it’s time to update your dental office, or if you are moving to a new space and want to give it a touch of class as you build your business, hiring dental office design companies may be one way to optimize your time and money. The biggest question is whether or not they are worth the prices they charge. The answer all depends on what you want out of their team. 


It’s no secret that most people don’t love going to the dentist. Many people associate fear and discomfort with dentists in general. One way to improve the situation is to provide a warm and welcoming office environment that puts patients at ease. Dental office design companies specialize in solving the unique challenges of overcoming the discomfort and creating a space where patients feel safe. They will make your space cleaner, more open, and more inviting to all of the guests who pass through your doors. They will make sure that your lobby is comfortable and your front desk is accessible, as well as ensuring that there is plenty of space for people to get around without long lines or crowded doorways. 


In the back office space, it is important that patients are able to get to the dentist’s chair with ease, but also that the dentist is able to access all of their tools and accessories easily. Some equipment manufacturers offer design services that are dependent on building the entire office around one specific product of theirs. By contrast, hiring dental office design companies who are unaffiliated will provide a wider range of uses for space that is more evenly distributed among all of the devices and equipment in the room. This adds utility to the space where it may have been restricted otherwise. 

Business Performance

Recently, several studies have been performed looking at the value of office design as a business investment. One of the most striking results of these studies has been that well designed office spaces both retain and better motivate employees. This can be a key factor in hanging on to your top rated and most skilled employees, while also inspiring them to work in new and creative ways. In addition, office space design creates a framework for not just the work flow of the organization, but also the types of technologies that can be used, and how accessible they are, it can be a major determinant of a business’ success going forward. A flexible and open office design will allow for variables such as new technology to be introduced in the future without slowing down business or needing a redesign down the road. 

Overall, a well designed dental office can lead to an increase in efficiency, effectiveness and expression among staff members, all of which are indicative of overall performance of your business. In addition, patient retention and employee retention are higher in spaces that have been intentionally designed to bring people in. Dental office design companies are an investment that will pay off long term by adding utility and flexibility to your space.