What is the Typical Cost for Blueprint Designs?

Posted by HJT Design

Hiring an architect and designer for your next dental office renovation can be a huge asset. If you are looking to add some flavor to your office environment while still maintaining the functionality of your space, it is helpful to have a design team who is familiar with the needs of the dental industry, but how much can you expect to pay for your blueprint designs? This all depends on how you plan to use their design services.

Percentage Based Rates

The vast majority of architects work on a percentage based rate which varies by the type of construction they are doing. For instance, new construction blueprint designs will typically come at a cost of 5-15% of the total construction cost. By contrast, renovations may be closer to 10-20% of the total construction cost. This is because renovations typically require significantly more work on the architect’s part as they cannot predict the challenges of working around already existing construction until the renovation really begins. This may mean more time spent on their end redrawing blueprints to meet the demands of the framework they are working in. On the plus side, these percentage based fees are usually a full package deal which includes design and making sure that the plans meet minimum local regulations, plus additional oversight going into construction. This means that your designer will be working hand in hand with your construction contractor to ensure that the plans are being followed and that any changes are approved and still within the means of the overall design and budget. 

Hourly Rates

Using an architect on an hourly basis can be one way to save money if you have a clear idea in mind, and just need it translated onto paper. Architects charge a pretty penny per hour, but this gives you control of how much time they are really spending on your design. Unfortunately, if you find yourself wanting additions or changes made, the additional hours will add up quickly and likely overtake what you would have paid for a percentage based package in the first place. In addition, once you are done paying the architect’s hourly rate, they will not be working with your construction contractor to ensure adherence and quality of the construction to their designs. This may leave you without recourse if you discover that the plans are not being followed, or the contractor is cutting corners. 

Ultimately you will need to plan for 10-15% of your total construction budget to go towards the blueprint designs and architect. The good news is that the design process typically covers far more than just the drawings themselves. Usually the architect can provide helpful insight into creating a welcoming office as well as ideas for increasing the usability of your space. Plus they will have in depth knowledge of local building codes and regulations and ensure that the ideas you have for your office space will stand up to inspectors after construction has begun. They also provide a helpful service when working directly with your construction team to make sure that the ideas on paper are being fully realized in the office space up to your expectations.