Can a Bold Redesign Improve Sales at Your Dental Practice?

Posted by HJT Design

Office Design Plans, paint and material samples.

Dental offices aren’t exactly the most exciting places. The majority of dental practices have a plain aesthetic with bland colors, few visual niceties, and a serious tone. If your dental office fits this description, it is time to shake things up. A bold redesign just might be what your practice needs to attract new patients.

Most offices are designed based on how the layout will impact employee performance. While the work ethic of your staff is important, patient experience matters most. If your dental practice still has a design from a decade or even five years ago, your business will benefit from some changes. Barren walls, a front desk with sharp angles, a boring lounge, and obstructed walkways have the potential to doom your practice even if you provide the best dental services in the world.

Where to Start: Key in on Comfort

Redesign your office with your patients in mind and you will find that they do not hesitate to return for additional cleanings and procedures. If patients enjoy a comfortable experience in each section of your practice, they will be highly inclined to recommend you to their co-workers, friends, family and others. Start with the first place your patients go after checking in at the front desk: seating. Place comfortable chairs and sofas in areas that are not directly in front of air vents. If your current seating is flawed in any manner, replace it with modern furnishings that feel inviting.

Give Patients Something to do While Waiting

The last thing you want is for patients to stare at the walls, floor or ceiling while waiting to be seated in the dentist’s chair. Design your lounge with the aim of capturing your patients’ attention. It could be a window or two along the walls. Or, place some colorful artwork on the across from the lounge’s seating. Add some magazines, a screen and/or flowers and your patients won’t feel as though they are killing time while waiting to be seen.

Make use of Natural Light

An office designed to maximize light from windows will drastically boost patient happiness as well as the spirit of the staff. Organize each room’s furniture in a manner that invites the outdoor light inside. If your practice doesn’t have windows, it is time for some construction. Do not hesitate to invest in a redesign that implements at least a couple of windows. This is the type of subtlety that actually makes a major difference in patient’s perception of your practice. Create a warm and inviting space for dental treatments and your patients will be eager to recommend your services to those in their social circle.

The Importance of Open Spaces

The last thing you want is for patients to feel cramped. There should be ample space between lounge seats. Do not obstruct walkways with plants, dental equipment or other sundries. If you feel as though your lounge, hallways, and spaces for treatment are short on space, do not hesitate to invest in a redesign that opens up your practice.

Change for the Better

In the end, appearance matters a great deal. Do not lose sight of what matters the most: the patient experience. You will enjoy an uptick in business if you redesign your dental practice to boost visual appeal and patient mood. Sales might not spike in the days or weeks immediately following the redesign, yet they will come in due time. A fresh new look just might take your practice to the next level or even save it from a sales plateau. Take a chance and see what happens! If you’re not too sure where or how to start with the process, contact HJT to schedule a free consultation for answers and knowledge to prepare and empower you in moving forward with confidence.