Only Diamonds

Posted by ngfmarketing

History and Program

Take everything that has been done in the jewelry store business and create a next generation store for the new generation of shoppers. Service is to be a first priority and will control the design process. This new generation is to be comfortable for all ages, sexes. Create a prototype design that will establish a “Branding Image” in this national market and develop it in selected locations across the nation.



The vibrant eye catching exciting design is to portray a sense of avant-garde style that would feel comfortable for all people.

State of the art materials and equipment were used in the design. The wood floor and display cases are designed to complement each other as they highlight the product.

The lighting design was created to do the same utilizing the latest in color corrective lamps.

As you enter the facility you can experience its warm tones and textures, but at the same time not be intimidated.