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History and Program

To design a new research and development facility of automobile structural components utilizing the company’s Hydroforming technology. The facility will serve as the North American Headquarters and Hydroforming Technology Centre.


The design included a two-story 20,000 square foot building for the HQ’s business, sales and administrative functions; abutted to it is a 24,000 square foot, 50 feet high industrial press building.

Hydroforming presses are not new to the auto industry, however until recent years have not been utilized for mass production in the USA. Our client desired a clean and logically layout floor plan for their building and with precision in its execution; the same way a component would be made in their Hydroforming presses. The building would also need to be white clean in appearance, accented with the corporate color “Schuler Blue”.

A light grey building dressed with insulated blue glass windows and a metal accent band, painted in Schuler Blue. A two-story lobby element which includes waiting area, reception, a monumental stair and an expanse display floor area all executed in granite, glass, polished metal and with German engineering precision.