Checklist for Remodeling your Dental Operatory Room

Posted by HJT Design

Checklist for Remodeling your Dental Operatory Room

The operatory room is the centerpiece of your dental practice, so it’s crucial that it’s optimized for meeting all of your business goals by providing a high level of quality patient care and satisfaction, as well as increasing profitability.

However, before implementing changes to something as vital as your dental operatory room, it’s best to prioritize your dental office remodel checklist. This will ensure that you’re on the right path to achieving your goals, as well as help you stay on track.

Here are 3 important design elements to keep in mind before tackling your dental operatory room remodel project

1. Improve the Efficiency and Workflow

People are busier than ever these days, and it’s difficult enough to make it into the dentist for one appointment, let alone two or more. In an ideal situation, it’s best to do additional procedures while the patient is already in your office; versus having them come back for more additional treatments on a later date.

This may not always be possible due to time constraints. The main key to achieving this goal is by having an organizational system in place for all of your tools, allowing you to be ready to perform a restorative procedure in a matter of seconds.

2. Increase Your Case Presentation Rate

Helping your patients understand why they need a recommended treatment isn’t as easy as it sounds. For many patients visiting the dentist, they are probably feeling anxious and tense at the thought of undergoing uncomfortable or even painful dental procedures. They may also be feeling overwhelmed by the hefty financial cost involved with such treatments, so it’s important to cover all of the bases as to why these treatments are not only necessary, but beneficial and something they will be eager to agree on.

Instead of trying to explain confusing and lengthy procedures to your patient, streaming patient education videos by placing flat screen television monitors in strategic locations, such as on the ceiling above their heads, and on the walls, can be a time saving resource. In addition to providing necessary information to your patient, the TV monitors can also be used for keeping your patient entertained during their procedure or treatment.

3. Impress your patients

A dental office redesign is a unique opportunity to give your office a fresh new look and updated style.

Here are a few innovative features to consider that are sure to impress and wow even your most difficult patients:

  • Aim for high ceilings if possible as wide-open spaces will make your patient feel less claustrophobic, as well as making the room appear larger and grander.
  • Remove unused cabinetry. Not only is a more minimalistic look all the rage these days, but the extra space may come in handy as well.
  • Go bright and bold when it comes to color. It’s been said that colors have an effect on mood and human emotion, so what better place to test out this theory than in a dental operatory room where tensions is already high?

As with any major office remodel or redesign project, remember your goals, stay on track, and make sure and celebrate once the checklist is completed. HJT Design Consultants know what it takes to redesign your dental office for maximum efficiency. Contact us today for a free consultation.