Choosing the Best Location/ Building Site for Your New Dental Office

Posted by HJT Design

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Choosing between leasing to fit-out a startup or a second location and building new from the ground up dream office are often dictated by the personal choice of real estate ownership vs rental and the current stage of the dentist’s career. Either scenario, looking for the home run location, for the new office, warrants similar due diligence.

Listed below are a few important items to consider when choosing a location/ building site for your office.


You need to know the potentials and risks associated with the proposed location. Flush out the necessary data to help you with a deeper detailed look to conduct an analysis of the particular location using, amongst other services, the demographic study which includes the following:

· Number of Service providers within a given radius in miles. Helps determine the needs for your service (Supply and Demand).

· The population breakdown of ethnicities and languages spoken.

· The population breakdown of age groups, their marital status and educational level.

· The population breakdown of median household size, income, and homeownership vs renters.

· The population breakdown of insurance types.

The goal of using demographic data is to identify those areas with the profile of your ideal patient.

Master Plans

Assuming you have put together a master plan for both short-term and long-term growth, you now have some general ideas of your spatial needs. The big question would be whether the proposed location will meet your plans and be able to expand or add onto if and when the time comes.


The likelihood that you have too much parking would be extremely rare and unless you own the real estate with the ability to create more parking to meet your needs. Parking requirements should be scrutinized with both eyes opened.

In general, parking requirements are determined per the local zoning ordinances mandating minimum guidelines for the building occupancy’s classification. The rules apply to individual scenarios, and it is always best to have more parking that is not needed than to need parking and not have it. For offices in lease spaces, securing dedicated parking to adequately meet the office’s need is not always possible. However, having sufficient parking spaces that are also convenient for the patients will help to make the patients’ visit less stressful. The lack of parking can have drastic effects on the practice’s ability to grow.


There are good reasons why many startup offices are found within or close by shopping complexes, gas stations, schools, banks, and grocery stores…it is all about the eyeballs. Being seen by passing traffic and or destination shoppers is very beneficial. Being general dentists with offices in medical or commercial office buildings, commercial condo enclaves is not ideal due to a lack of visibility and minimal signage abilities. This may hinder your ability to reach potential patients, so heavy marketing and increasing the practice’s digital footprint can help offset the lack of visibility if you choose this type of location.

Accessibility and Convenience

A location at an intersection with a high traffic count and great visibility but with limited access to the property which is inconvenient to get to due to heavy traffic congestions can deter new patients from flocking to your front door. Right location! Right location! Right location! matters more than just Location! Location! Location!


The best location is one that meets all your criteria ensuring you great growth potential and low risks and can support a thriving practice.

Why Choose HJT

Your dental office is a direct representation of you, the dentist, and your visions. It’s important that it reflects you and the quality of care you provide to your patients. We welcome the opportunity to bring your visions to light through insightful designs that meet your clinical requirements and aesthetic criteria while optimizing efficiency and functionality for your practice’s everyday needs.

With our years of collective knowledge and experience we have a deep understanding of the functionality and unique needs within the dental industry. We invite you to contact HJT (866) 213-1268 to start the dialogue regarding a plan for your current or new office and how we can implement your unique visions. We look forward to talking with you soon.