Are Dental Office Design Companies Worth the Price They Charge?

Posted by HJT Design

If it’s time to update your dental office, or if you are moving to a new space and want to give it a touch of class as you build your business, hiring dental office design companies is one of the best ways to optimize your time and money. The biggest question is whether or not they are worth the prices they charge. The answer all depends on what you want out of their team.Looking to hire a dental office design company? Learn how they are worth every penny when it comes to the price they charge.Have you been thinking about updating your office’s outdated aesthetics?

Are you bulging at the seams with demand for more space for your growing practice? Should you lease a space or build a new office from the ground up? 

Who would be the best entity or entities to help you navigate through the design and construction maze? What do they charge and are their services worth the fee?

The answers to some of your questions could be a simple “Yes” or “No” and most would be appropriately answered with “It depends”.

What type of professional would be best suited to your specific job: an architect, a designer, a supplier or a contractor?

To help you along, here are the types of projects they may provide their services for.

new build checklist

Here’s a brief rundown of their core professional role and function, as well as the responsibilities associated with their role.

Ada Guidelines

  • Suppliers and design studios are not licensed architectural firms, therefore their work is limited to Interior Design produced specifically for equipment installation purposes.
  • Understanding the depth and or limitations (spoken or implied) of each project team member will allow you to weigh their value relating to the professional services needed for your project.
  • It a requirement to use licensed architectural services for construction projects in most jurisdictions.

Overall, a well designed dental office can lead to an increase in efficiency, effectiveness and expression among staff members, all of which are indicative of overall performance of your business. In addition, patient retention and employee retention are higher in spaces that have been intentionally designed to bring people in. Dental office design companies are an investment that will pay off long term by adding utility and flexibility to your space.

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