Dental Office Design Trends That Will Stand the Test of Time

Posted by HJT Design

Dental Office Design Trends That Will Stand the Test of Time

When it comes to dental office designs, there are some trends that prove timeless. Unfortunately, plenty of dentists choose a fashionable office design only to end up regretting it and revamping the office years later. The better approach is to be patient, consider several different office designs, and select one that will stand the test of time no matter how much trends change.

Dental Office Design With a Focus on Efficiency

Dental practices just like most other clinics function best when the focus of the design is efficiency. In the context of dental practices, efficiency means much more than minimizing the use of electricity. A truly efficient dental office layout makes it easy for the dentist and dental hygienists to work comfortably. Efficient layouts also facilitate patient movement from the waiting room to the dentist’s chair, X-ray room, and other parts of the office.

A truly efficient dental office layout minimizes unnecessary rooms as well as other spaces that have minimal or no purpose. In order to create a highly efficient dental office layout, the dentist and dental hygienists should meet with the designers during the stage of concept formation. This collaboration provides designers with valuable insight from those who will spend 8+ hours a day in this space.

Dental Office Design With a Focus on Privacy

Dentists, dental hygienists, and patients desire privacy at the dental office. Patients should not have to worry about their dental health issues being overheard by others. Perhaps most important, patients should not feel as though they are packed like sardines in a can when sitting in the waiting room.

The push for privacy has spurred countless dentists to favor office layouts that prove spacious and truly private. Opt for a segmented dental office with a focus on privacy and patients will be inclined to return for future treatment. There should be specific spaces of the office designated for consultations and examinations. Dental office personnel will also appreciate such a private layout as it allows them to interact with one another without worry of clients or others listening in.

The Use of Nature

Most patients envision dental offices as sterile, cold places with outdated décor. Create the exact opposite dental office layout for your customers and they might actually look forward to their dental office visits. Get rid of those metallic decorations, aged paint, and fluorescent lighting. Incorporate nature by adding a window in the waiting room or treatment rooms so your office feels truly welcoming as opposed to a faceless institution purely focused on making money.

If the idea of adding one or several windows to your dental practice does not pique your interest, consider adding a fish tank, artwork featuring nature, or even a few plants. These niceties will enhance the look and feel of your office for clients while also making staff members feel that much more comfortable at work. In the end, a dental office layout focused on nature just might boost patient retention rates as well employee retention rates.

Make the Most of the Money You Spend on Your Dental Office Build or Revamp

Dental office renovations certainly have the potential to prove expensive yet if you choose the right design, you can leave it in place for decades to come. Do not underestimate the importance of this decision. The look and feel of your dental office really does impact your practice’s potential for long-term success. Choose wisely and your dental office design will enhance your dental practice all the more, making it that much easier to retain client business. We’re experienced in designing and remodeling dental offices nationwide. Contact us today to talk about your redesigning plans!