Top 5 Dental Office Designs That Appeal To Parents

Posted by HJT Design

Top 5 Dental Office Designs That Appeal To Parents

Spending time in a waiting room with a child can be a nightmare for a parent. Children aren’t known for their patience. If you want to keep parents happy, keep their kids quiet, occupied, and out of trouble.

Here are some design tips that appeal to parents.


The number one thing parents want is for their kids to have something to do. Have hands on activities for little ones like soft toys and coloring sheets. A wall-mounted television can distract children who may be feeling a little anxious before a visit.  Perhaps even invest in a video game console for slightly older children. 

Not only will these items keep kids quiet and calm before seeing the doctor, but it gives them something to do if they need to wait for a sibling getting dental treatment too.

Fun Furniture

Pint-size patients need pint-size furniture. Consider investing in some smaller furniture to fit children. This will make them more comfortable, which will make them more cooperative for you and their parents. Also opt for couches and loveseats so nervous children can cuddle up to parents as they wait. This will ease anxiety for everyone.


Have Wi-Fi available. Many parents may opt to bring a tablet to help keep kids occupied. The option to have the Internet available to stream videos is a big advantage. 

This is also good for parents to use as they are waiting so they can answer emails, read online news, or to simply surf social media.  It lets them know you value their time, and you appreciate their business.

Partition Waiting Rooms

Many parents worry their children will bother other adults. An easy fix for this is to divide the waiting roomUse a partition the divide the space. Once side can be just for grown-ups, while the other can be for kids and families. Then kids can roam the space without disturbing other adult patients and upsetting their parents. This will ease stress all around.

Parent Perks

Busy parents with busy kids barely get a moment to treat themselves. Let them know you understand how hard it is to wrangle kids, especially for a potentially anxiety-ridden dentist appointment. Offer them coffee, tea or water. Or, perhaps have a healthy snack on hand.

Be sure to have a comfortable seat for parents with a full view of their child during the dental visit. Or take it a step further with a massage chair.   Some dental practices are even offering mini spa services to busy parents, like mani-pedis, while they wait for their kids.

Looking to make your waiting room more kid (and parent) friendly? HJT Dental Office Consultants specializes in dental office redesigns. If you’re opening up a new location, moving your practice, or just want to revamp your pediatric dental office, keep these tips in mind to create a welcoming, stress-free atmosphere for your patients.