How Can Your Office Design Change the Mood of a Worried Patient

Posted by HJT Design

woman getting dental work done is not worriedOne of the biggest hurdles you face as a dentist striving to grow your business is the common fears and worries that people feel about going to the dentist. However, what you may not realize is that your dental office design could be contributing to those fears and hurting your bottom line. But before you can fully understand how your dental office design can impact the mood of your dental patients, it is important to understand and remember the different feelings that your patients could be experiencing before they even walk through your door for treatment.

Why are People Worried About Going to the Dentist?

One of the most common fears among people of any age is a trip to the dentist. The very thought conjures up unpleasant thoughts of drills and pain for both children and adults. Some people also get uptight at the idea because they could receive a bad bill of health from the dentist and they feel that it’s easier to just avoid going. Also, there are other people that may have no fear of going to the dentist but avoid going because they stress about having to pay for their treatment and feel anxiety. Once those fears are triggered, there is a direct physiological response that happens. They may begin to sweat, experience an increased heart, feel shortness of breath, or even light-headed. These are common symptoms that could be caused by your office’s design.

How to Use Design to Alter your Patient’s Moods

Luckily, there is one very simple and easy thing you can do to have a major impact on your patient’s mood and the way they perceive a trip to the dentist; alter your dental office design. Believe it or not, your dental office design can help to relax your patients and put them at ease. Your color palette, furnishings, and artwork selections are three elements of your dental office design.

  • Benefits of Colors

    • Color is said to have a powerful impact on human mood and the human psyche. Use this to your advantage to create a relaxing, serene, and positive environment for your patients. Incorporate a lot of blue and green tones to help calm heart rates, respiration rates, and blood pressures. This is for those that experience high levels of fear and anxiety. Colors like red are great for your personal dental office design because they inspire high levels of productivity and energy.
  • Best Furnishings to Use

    • Select furniture that will help your patients to relax and feel comfortable. In other words, nothing too hard or stiff. Try to make them feel at home in your waiting rooms as best you can. Plush sofas and chairs work best for this.
  • How Can Art Help?

    • Art can have a variety of impacts on people. Select pieces that you find help you to either relax or cause you to sink into deep thoughts. Thought provoking art is great for distracting patients experiencing anxiety and racing thoughts about their impending treatment. It also adds an air of sophistication to your dental office design.

No matter what you do, there will always be some people that fear a trip to your office. However, by altering your dental office design, you can create an entirely new experience for adult patients and perhaps prevent children from developing a fear of the dentist. Abandon the traditional stark medical image and adopt designs that will inspire, soothe, and comfort your patients. As a result, you will see more referrals, more returns, and more revenue.

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