Does Your Dental Office Enhance Patient Experience

Posted by HJT Design

Positive Dental Patient Experience. Man having good dental experience

When preparing to renovate your dental practice office, you may be feeling confused about how to set your goals and priorities for the project. Setting the proper goals and laying out a plan of action to achieve them is essential to ensuring that your renovation project is a success and benefits your business. Not only should your dentist office renovation upgrade the aesthetics of the office, it should serve to enhance the entire patient experience. Here are some important points for you to consider when preparing for your dentist office renovation that will help you to deliver a better experience for each and every patient.

Proper Use Of Color In Design

Numerous psychological studies have concluded that color has a lot to do with a person’s perception of something, as well as, their mood or feelings. Therefore, you should be extra careful when selecting the color palate for your dentist office design. Make sure that areas where patients spend their time (waiting rooms, exam rooms, etc.) are painted in colors that will bring about calm and soothing feelings or emotions. Take the same consideration for your furnishings and any artwork that you select to decorate your dental office.

Using A Spacious Layout

One of the most important elements to any dentist office renovation is the layout or floor plan of the office. Consult with your general contractor for ways to make your waiting room feel more spacious without compromising your ability to properly serve your patients. The more spacious your waiting room is, the more comfortable your patients will be during their visit because they won’t feel as though they are stacked upon one another. If room permits, consider making a separate play area for families and children or perhaps incorporate a work station for busy professionals visiting during the workday.

Incorporating Comforting Furnishings

Waiting to be treated is bad enough as it is, but waiting in an uncomfortable chair is that much worse. Be considerate of your patients’ comfort when selecting the furnishings during your dentist office renovation. Consider using plush couches and chairs or bean bag chairs for the children. The more comfortable your patients are while they wait, the more enjoyable the experience will be for all of them. Also, don’t forget to be considerate of your patients with disabilities or that are larger in size. Make sure that you offer seating options that will allow them to feel just as comfortable as everyone else in your waiting room.

Creating Interactive Experiences

Cutting-edge dental offices all over the world are using their dentist office renovation as an opportunity to create an interactive experience for their patients. One way that they are doing this is installing touch screen gaming systems for their waiting rooms which allow patients to distract themselves from their impending treatment and actually be entertained. Others are using their televisions to display a live feed from the local zoo to help keep both children and adults entertained. Another option for the children could be to install a dental themed play course, if you have the space.

The more you make your dentist office renovation project about the comfort level and overall experience of your patients, the more your business will benefit from your investment in the project. Any time that you put your patients first, they will recognize your dedication to them and reward you with loyalty in return. Soothing colors, comfortable furnishings, and interactive experiences are all excellent ways to enhance your patients’ experience, while building a better and more beautiful dental office. HJT Dental Office Consultants specializes in dental office redesigns. If you’re opening up a new location, moving your practice, or just want to revamp your pediatric dental office, keep these tips in mind to create a welcoming, stress-free atmosphere for your patients.