Using Entertainment Devices to Remodel Your Dental Office

Posted by HJT Design

Television used in dental office remodel.

Superior office design for your dental practice serves as a marketing tool while giving you an opportunity to include design elements that are more sensitive and responsive to patient needs. Developments in technology allow you to improve both the clinical and administrative areas to give patients the best experience possible.

There are many entertainment options; however, you need to personalize every design decision to advance your promise to your patients. You also need to consider future technological advancements and plan accordingly.

Some of the entertainment elements you can add to your office include:

The Reception Area

You reception area is the first impression patients have of your office. They will notice small items and details before making a decision on the overall feel of your practice. Include a small drink’s bar where patients can sip on coffee, tea, juice or any other beverage of choice while waiting, with an office assistant to help with the service. Add plug ins for mobile devices to allow patients to go on with their business while waiting.

For patients who just want to relax, there are a couple of options available. For example, include personal entertainment systems to preoccupy and relax them, foot massage machines or animated displays showing dental products. Depending on your patient pool, you can add additional amenities to cater to younger patients. For example, a play area with toys, coloring books, board games and more to keep your young patients busy.

Treatment Rooms

Technology allows you to transform your treatment rooms into warm and inviting spaces, with a more residential feel. Experiment with different devices and gadgets to give clients a personal and unique experience. Install screens and stereo systems where patients can choose between entertainment or escapes. They can watch movies, videos or news, use virtual reality glasses to catch up with their favorite 3D films or wear soundproof headphones and get lost in a podcast or their favorite music. Additionally, include heated pillows for neck support, comfort blankets and scented cloths patients can use to freshen up as the leave.

Rest Rooms

A dental office restroom can include little luxuries to enhance the patient experience. For example, ensure ample lighting and privacy for makeup application after a treatment where patients can enjoy some privacy. Always make sure that your restroom design complies with building regulations and guidelines from the Americans with Disabilities Act and Codes. Think if small additions such as a special cubicle for young children, dental inspired soap dispensers or a diaper area for nursing patients.

Staff Area

While the staff area may not entertain clients, your team will get a place they can relax and take a break when necessary. Try new ideas where employees get a bistro café feel or add massage chairs for ultimate relaxation. Experiment with décor ideas such as an ocean or a rainforest theme, napping pods or rocking chairs. Your staff will appreciate our effort towards creating a space that encourages relaxation.


While there are several opportunities for you to employ technology and give your patients a personalized space at your practice, there are basic considerations to ensure comfort. Include as much natural lighting as possible, and complement it to ensure the office remains well lit at all times. Additionally, ensure there is free flow of air with a cooling system

Incorporating entertainment devices into your dental office requires proper planning and a deep understanding of your customer needs. While planning your new dental office design, contact HJT Design for consultancy and design services, for an office your patients will appreciate.