Give Your Dental Practice an Advantage Over the Competition With an Office Renovation

Posted by HJT Design

Give Your Dental Practice an Advantage Over the Competition With an Office Renovation

Protecting smiles is one of the most important jobs out there today. Dentists know it and patients do, too. It’s no secret just how important our teeth are. Our physical health, eating habits, and even our social interactions can all be affected by the health of our teeth.

Dentists serve a great cause for sure. But the one question that we all must ask is, “How can we grow our practice and better serve our patients?” Attracting new patients, and retaining them, is no easy task-especially when there are numerous dentists in your area competing for your potential patients. One solution to consider is a dental office renovation.

Dr. Seuss once said, “Teeth are always in style.” Is your dental office?

Take a step back and look at every aspect of your dental office. Does anything set you apart from the competition? If so, are those distinctions good or bad? Strategically planned office renovations, whether simple in nature or complex office redesigns, can bring you the desired results you’re hoping for and give you an edge over the competition. The right office renovations can help you attract and retain both new patients AND new talent, a combination for success.

Attract New Patients Faster Than Your Competition- And Keep Them Coming Back!

For today’s sophisticated consumers, first impressions really matter; finding a dental provider is no exception. The aesthetic appeal of your building, from its exterior appearance to the lighting in the patient treatment rooms, (and everything in between) will impact patient confidence in your dental practice. An initial phone call that is drowned out by background noise may insinuate that your dental office is too busy and distracted to really listen to patients’ questions and concerns. Prospective patients may just drive by your parking lot if the exterior paint is chipped, the lot is messy, or exterior lighting has gone dark.

Waiting rooms that are intentionally designed with customer comfort in mind will go a long way in easing patient nerves prior to an exam. Using technology to creatively educate your patients while they wait to be seen shows your customers that you care about their dental needs.

Cosmetic dentistry is a popular service that can set your practice apart from your competition. Dental office renovations intentionally planned out may allow for additional services that offer customers a better, more comprehensive dental experience.

The most important thing to remember is that potential patients want to feel calm and comfortable in your care. Paying attention to even the littlest details can go a long way in making your patients feel at home.

Attracting the Best Talent to Staff Your Office

Your office is only as good as the team you have working with you, and redesigning your office space with a fresh, well-thought out layout shows prospective employees that you care about their overall health, well-being and satisfaction. Office redesigns that consider workplace ergonomics and staff health and safety help to create a comfortable working environment for your staff. Office spaces that are intentionally designed for optimal productivity will help to promote workplace collaboration, communication, and team engagement. Organizational office design elements help minimize employee stress and improve productivity. Making room for additional technology helps to encourage new and innovative thinking within your dental practice. Show your staff and your patients that your office is on the cutting edge of modern dentistry. And, of course, an office that looks and feels fresh and new helps to create an environment that people are proud to come to work in day after day.

Giving your customers the best possible dental experience around means having the best dental staff around. At HJT Dental Design Consultants, we know just what it takes to transform your office into a place that your patients and staff can be confident in. We understand that beautiful teeth are always in style and we can make sure that your dental office is too. Contact us today to learn how.