How Design Impacts Your Dental Practice Marketing Strategy

Posted by HJT Design

HJT Dental Design Consultants have decades of experience in designing and building dental offices that suit the unique needs of dental professionals.Unfortunately, existing is not enough. You may be getting patients through the door. However, developing a brand that’s easy to remember and difficult to forget isn’t that simple. It’s the reason you need to have a creative marketing strategy, one that can help you attract and retain existing patients. Investing in an office redesign, remodel, or relocation are viable options to consider, because the patient experience is what will keep your practice thriving.

Five Dental Office Design Ideas for an Enhanced Patient Experience

Outdated dental practices can be dull, colorless, and boring. However, by integrating pleasing colors with compatible artwork, exciting textures, and contemporary interiors, good design can lend a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. If you want to create a positive dental space for not only the patients but also you and your staff, here are five dental office design ideas you could incorporate to improve the patient experience in your practice.

1. Go for Open Floor Plans

When designing or buying a dental office, it’s best to consider one with an open floor plan. People, by nature and habit, like open floor plans in our homes and spaces. The case shouldn’t be different at the dentists. Allow your patients to see whatever is going on with other patients throughout the office. This tends to calm people and make them confident in the level of care they’ll receive. It also makes room for open communication and collaboration among the staff.

2. Good Lighting Gives a Lasting Impression

It may not seem like a big deal, but proper lighting can affect how your patients feel. For instance, providing access to natural light can relieve patients’ anxiety. On top of that, dental office design ideas like providing more ambient indoor lighting can also give a calm environment for your patients and their companions.

3. Incorporate New Technology

Most importantly, make sure that your office is up to date with technology.

  • You could cut down on waiting times by providing digital check-ins when patients arrive.
  • Send patients text reminders of upcoming dental appointments.
  • Email patients educational information and post helpful oral hygiene info on your website and social media.
  • Offer free WI-FI.

4. Have a Comfortable Waiting Room

While considering different dental office design ideas, your waiting room should be high on your list of priorities. You can set aside space for a kid-friendly area. This way, the kids can remain focused, and the parents can have peace of mind while they wait. Provide comfortable, sturdy chairs that are easy to get in and out of.

5. Be up to Code

The Americans with Disability Act ensures that every business treats all Americans fairly regardless of their disability or handicap. One way you can show that your practice is ADA compliant is by having a well-constructed ramp and an automatic door. Furthermore, you can show that all patients are welcome by having:

  • Handicap accessible bathrooms.
  • Low front check-in desks so that wheelchair users can see staff.
  • Pathways cleared so that patients with mobility issues can navigate with ease.

Good design is a valuable investment for your dental practice. It’ll not only give patients an excellent first impression, but it’ll also enhance your team’s productivity levels. HJT Dental Design Consultants have decades of experience in designing and building dental offices that suit the unique needs of dental professionals. With an architect on staff, we can help you plan and build the future of your practice. Contact us today.