How Staff Morale Impacts Your Patient Experience

Posted by HJT Design

How Staff Morale Impacts Your Patient Experience

It’s usually pretty obvious to most patients when an employee isn’t happy with their job. An employee’s discontent is written all over their face and often affects the way they deal with patients in a negative manner. It’s also pretty obvious that a happy employee will lead to happier patients and a more profitable and positive outcome for all involved. When planning a dentist office interior design project or remodel, it’s imperative to optimize the office to make employees feel more appreciated and comfortable, therefore improving and boosting staff morale, which will ultimately lead to a much better patient experience.

Here are 4 ways that poor dental office design impacts staff morale:

Unwelcoming for Staff

If your dental office is designed with only your patients comfort and well-being in mind, your staff will feel neglected and resentful. Think about ways to make their day easier like ample room within the reception desk area, plenty of storage for patient files and dental equipment, and room to move around easily in treatment areas.

Lack of Privacy for Staff

If you don’t have a quiet, private space for staff to converse, relax, and unwind during their breaks, they will feel frustrated and unappreciated. Everyone needs some quiet time to recharge, and it’s important to keep that in mind when planning a redesign.

Lack of Space

If your dental office lacks space, your staff will likely bear the brunt of it. Your employees need ample space to move about freely so they can perform their jobs to the best of their ability.

Outdated Equipment

If your dental practice fails to provide staff with the proper tools and technology they need to perform their job efficiently and effectively, they will often become frustrated on the job.

Here are 4 dentist office design ideas you can implement to improve both your employee and patient experience:

Establish a Welcoming Office Environment

The first step in designing a smart dental office design that is sure to please both staff and patients is to make it accommodating and welcoming to everyone. Employees will spend a good deal of their week at the office, so design the space to be a home away from home. Consider all of the aspects of home, such as proper lighting, color schemes, furniture, and décor. The cozier the space feels, the more comfortable, happy, and relaxed your patients and staff will be.

Make it a Safe Environment

In order to make staff feel at ease throughout the work week, it’s important for them to feel safe at work. Include some storage specifically designated for staff to store their personal belongings so they don’t have to worry about where they left their wallet or cell phone while they work.

Having adequate storage throughout the office will also improve the patient experience as well, as they don’t want to see excess clutter.

Make it a Fun Environment

When considering all of your dentist office interior design elements, don’t forget to add in a little fun! Adding a TV area or a gaming area will appeal to both staff and patients, as it will prevent boredom while patients wait, and provide entertainment for staff during their breaks.

Make it Modern

One of the best ways to make patients and staff feel important is by providing them with the latest and best technology and tools. Patients will feel confident in knowing they are receiving the very best care and treatment possible, while employees will appreciate having the necessary tools to be able to perform their job efficiently.

With just a few simple improvements, you can ensure that your staff will feel valuable and important, which in turn will boost morale and make your dental office practice a more positive and profitable experience for all. Contact us today to discuss your dental office design ideas.