How To Set a Budget For Your Dental Office Remodel

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How To Set a Budget For Your Dental Office Remodel

Contemplating a dental office remodel is just the start of a long and arduous process that can consume a lot of time and effort on the part of the practice owner. In fact, in most cases, it pays significant dividends – both financially and personally – to hire a professional consulting company to help with the process.

These companies have the expertise, experience, and contacts to make the process of remodeling a dental office relatively simple and almost fool-proof. Still, you will need to make some crucial decisions before the process is started. Here are some of the most important ones:

Determine Your Spatial Needs

While many practitioners prefer to divide up their clinic into individual spaces, a newer trend seeks to combine some of these areas into communal spaces. The result is that multiple patients can interact with each other while awaiting treatment and support staff can more easily access facilities and tend to the patients. Admittedly, it is a new approach to dental care but one that bears some serious consideration in terms of client satisfaction as well as in dollars and cents.

Identify The Necessary Medical Equipment

At the end of the day, only the dental healthcare practitioner can really answer the question about what they need in terms of hardware. They understand their practice and know what equipment is needed to get the job done. Still, there are innumerable advancements in equipment made every year and sometimes it is difficult to keep up. A planning professional can help you with this task immensely and it costs nothing to just listen to their recommendations although the actual investment in infrastructure can be quite substantial.

Consider The Needed Technological Infrastructure

Though not a completely hidden cost, the necessary technology needed to feed and maintain the latest dental equipment is quite extensive. Known in the remodeling industry as MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), these systems are integral to the functional capacity of a dental healthcare facility. In fact, an inadequate upgrade to these essential services can hamper a dental practice to the point where it is actually unable to continue.

Do Not Overlook The Client Areas

While it is somewhat practical to concern yourself only with the functional aspects of a dental office remodel, you will also need to concern yourself with the aesthetic elements that your clients will demand. For instance, the intake/outtake counter, the waiting area, the after care areas must all be comfortable and attractive. In the overall scheme of things, these areas will be relatively inexpensive to create but are quite important as they are the face of your practice to your clients.

Finally, Remember the Exterior

First impressions do matter and the exterior look of your dental office space can make or break your business. Again, the exterior does not need to be expensive to be effective. Concentrate on producing a professional look that specifically communicates what you do to current and potential clients. In other words, no gaudy signs or embellishments. An air of quiet professionalism is the key in this regard.

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