Importance of Simple Dental Office Design

Posted by HJT Design

Importance of Simple Dental Office Design

Simple is not a word most people think of when they envision a dental office. In fact, they appear anything but simple with big, bulky machines, large oversized cabinets, and a tangle of cords as far as the eye can see.

However, it’s been suggested that creating a more minimalist lifestyle at home can greatly help reduce feelings of stress and chaos. This is making many dental offices consider a dental office remodel with a goal of simplifying their dental office at the top of the priority list.

Simple Design Reduces Clutter

Let’s face it; there is a lot of stuff in dental offices. Clutter is not only a nuisance to clean, but it can make some patients feel uneasy as if they’re stuck in the middle an unkept environment. They’ll be anxious to flee in a hurry.

By implementing a clean, simple dental office redesign, the amount of stuff in the office can be drastically reduced or even eliminated.

Here are a few tips to clearing out the space and cutting down on the clutter:

Get Organized

Storing inventory in your operatory room is never a good idea as it not only clutters up the space, but it can also slow procedures down. Instead, use an organized storage and tub preparation area to help keep things out of the way along with making supplies easier and faster to locate.

Use Neutral Colors

There is something clean, crisp, and calming about bright white walls. While some color trends quickly go out of style (think back to the days of olive green and orange kitchen appliances in the 70’s), white walls are timeless and will never need updating. Not only are white walls a classic choice, but also they can make a room appear larger, grander, and much more spacious.

To add a modern touch, consider painting bright, bold, and colorful accent walls, which can easily be updated along the way as styles and trends change.

Ditch the cabinets

Getting rid of bulky, unnecessary side cabinets will immediately open up the space and allow for a better workflow, making a much more pleasant patient experience. A simple design will also reduce employee tension from trying to work in a crowded, cluttered environment.

Simple Design Reduces Expenses

Along with changing the overall look and feel of the office, forgoing extra pieces of equipment and furniture can save money. Instead of purchasing more things, put the extra funds into more important business expenses such as the marketing and advertising budget.

Or perhaps consider using the extra funds for fun and enjoyable experiences or refreshments for your patients, such as adding a coffee bar or iPads for the waiting room.

Simple Design Reduces Stress

Imagine a place where patients and employees can kick back in relax in a clean, modern, and clutter free space. A place that increases their sense of happiness and peace, instead of their anxiety.

While some might associate a dental office redesign as a source of stress, when doing it with the sole purpose of achieving a minimalistic outcome as the end result, the opposite will be true when all the hard work of a remodel is completed.

Suddenly your dental office has been transformed from a place of chaos and mess, to a calm and beautiful oasis. The design consultants at HJT know how to implement your redesign goals in your dental office. Contact us today for a free consultation!