Improving Patient Experience Through Design

Posted by HJT Design

Improving Patient Experience Through Design

We’ve all likely experienced a disastrous dental office visit or two in our lifetime, we’d rather forget. Maybe you weren’t acknowledged when you walked through the door and were unsure of whether to sit down or stand in line. Perhaps you had to sit in an uncomfortable chair with a stained and tattered seat cover, while wedged between a screaming baby on your left and a sleeping patient snoring on your right.

While mapping out your dream dental office design ideas, it’s always a wise move to keep your patient’s happiness in mind throughout the design process.


Since people visiting your dental office will likely be spending some time sitting, versus standing, careful attention to detail should be made when selecting furniture for both your waiting area and treatment rooms. Seating options should be ample, comfortable, and stylish, and arranged in a way that provides plenty of space for patients to sit without feeling cramped.


While it may not sound like a top priority, ensuring that there is proper lighting throughout is an essential design element that shouldn’t be overlooked. Try and incorporate as much natural light into the design process as possible, and arrange furniture or in close proximity to natural light sources, such as windows, doors or skylights.

Lighting shouldn’t be too harsh or soft, and it may even be a good idea to consider lighting that the patient can personally adjust to their personal preference, depending on their mood or activity. For example, making it brighter for reading, and softer for rest and relaxation.


The layout of your office is probably one of the most important design elements to keep in mind when it comes to dental office design. Wide, open rooms with high ceilings will not only make the space appear larger, but also less cluttered and chaotic, thus improving patient mood and experience.

Ensuring that patients are able to move about freely, safely, and comfortably will help them feel less anxious and tense about being at the dentist, as well as provide them with much needed privacy and personal space.


The interior design of your dental office will most likely affect patient experience, so it’s crucial to make a positive first impression. When selecting furniture, artwork, entertainment features, paint colors, and flooring, consider what your patients would appreciate, versus your own personal style or preferences.

Consider bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside to create a serene, spa like atmosphere. This can be done by selecting natural wood and stone materials, along with potted plants, an atrium, water features or even a fish tank. These little extras can provide your patients with some much needed peace and tranquility during their visit.

Improving patient experience with simple dental office design will pay for itself in the long run, improve patient engagement, increase patient loyalty and retention, but most of all, create happier, healthier patients for life. Contact the experts at HJT to discuss your dental office renovation plans today!