Increasing Your ROI with a Dental Office Expansion

Posted by HJT Design

saving coins for dental office expansion
Investing in your dental office is an inevitable expense; however, every coin you spend must give you a return. When planning a renovation or expansion for your dental office, you need to look at different ways it will profit your business, from increasing the number of patients you serve, to allowing you to perform complex procedures that are not available from your competitors.

You need to center your expansion plans on adding value to your customers, who will in return reward you by coming back and referring you to their friends.

Open up your Office

Center your dental office expansion on creating a space that encourages collaboration between staff members working in different departments. Create shared workspaces, desks without partitions and communal walkways. This way, staff members from different departments have better access to each other, which promotes idea networking. Employees often catch up during coffee breaks, create a coffee room with comfortable chairs and a foldable whiteboard where they can sit to relax or even have a short brainstorm session.

Natural Light

One way to boost productivity among your staff is to take advantage of natural light. Exposure to sunlight increases the body’s Vitamin D levels, which has a positive effect on mood and cognitive function. Consider installing panoramic windows during the expansion or creating an outdoor staff lounge where employees can sit and enjoy the fresh air. Humans, just like other animals, have a primitive thirst for nature: integrating nature into your dental office expansion can go a long way in improving cognitive function among your staff.

Office Culture

When thinking of the effect your dental office expansion will have on your ROI, you need to consider how you will integrate your office culture in the layout and aesthetic of the space. Your office design should speak of your values, which might help you attract and maintain patients. For example, if you want to run an eco-friendly space, make sure you integrate energy-saving appliances. Alternatively, consider using colors and artwork that appeals to your clientele, such as cartoon themed wall art for a pediatric dental office.


One way to improve your ROI is to create a dental office that runs efficiently. During the expansion, consider different changes you can make to help your staff operate more efficiently. For example, the administrative team should not have to walk to the back room to access patients records, you can creatively integrate records’ storage cabinets in the front office without compromising on the décor. Try to understand the problems your staff and patients experience, and introduce people-centered design solutions.


One sure way to improve the ROI of your dental office is to integrate technology into the design of your space. Technology can help you increase efficiency, significantly improving customer experiences. For example, digital records save patients from having to fill out a form with every visit; all they need is a patient number and different caregivers can attend to them instantly.

Technology also helps you introduce cost-cutting measures, such as reducing the amount of paper you print. Think of creative ways you can give patients some control while in the clinic and improve their overall experience.

If you are interested in learning the different ways you can use your dental office expansion to increase the ROI in your practice, speak to experts at HJT Dental Designs.

They will help you design the perfect space for your practice, advise you on different cost-cutting measures you can employ in the expansion, and ultimately help you grow your dental office into a profitable business.