Is Your Dental Operatory Rooms Echoing Good Vibes?

Posted by HJT Design

Dental assistant in a A well Designed Dental Operatory

We know that there’s a positive connection between attractive well designed environments and patient’s experience, so it makes perfect sense that the right dental office design can be the key for gaining those coveted patient referrals and increasing patient retention rates. While every room in a dental office is important, there are certain spaces, like the dental treatment rooms, that are especially important and require a little extra focus and attention to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of your patients. The right design will not only make your patients feel happier, but it can help reduce their anxiety which is always a bonus when visiting the dentist.

Here are some tips on how to optimize your dental operatory design: 

Keep it Open and Clutter Free  

In order to reduce fear, it’s important to keep equipment hidden from a patient’s sight as much as possible. Often, X-ray heads and other equipment can be placed on the rear delivery wall, and delivery units can be located behind the patient, where staff and patients don’t walk. 

Side cabinets, if used, should remain clean and uncluttered and the toe of the patient chair should face a window. If you don’t have a window in your treatment room, consider a TV or some artwork that will provide entertainment and distraction for your patients. Position the ceiling light fixtures so that when your patient is in the inclined position, the fixtures are not directly above them. 

Focus on the Flow 

It’s always a good idea to look at your floor plan from the perspective of the patient. 

What does the patient see when they are sitting in the treatment room chair? 

Was it designed with enough space to have room for the patient’s companion? 

Was it designed with the ability to be enclosed for patient’s privacy if requested?

Are the hallways wide and well-defined? 

Make it Feel Comfortable 

Choose proper lighting and soft, soothing colors on your walls. Select materials for your operatory rooms that are durable, yet visually appealing and calming for the patient. 

Remember, the more comfortable and at ease they feel, the more likely they are going to return, as well as brag up your practice to their friends and family. 

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