Lighting in your Dental Office Expansion

Posted by HJT Design

Lighting in your dental office expansionLighting in your dental office affects functionality. You have to think about both task and ambient lighting when planning your expansion project. The lighting decisions you make can affect your efficiency, the productivity of your team and your ROI.

You need to understand the effect different lighting will have on your team and your patients. You also need to choose lighting that will help run your treatments smoothly.


The function of every room dictates the kind of lighting choices you will make. For example, your dental lab needs functional lighting that improves visibility. You should install flexible lights that you can move around and whose intensity you cab control.

For example, you may need a high-intensity light for a filling, however, you should be able to dim it after the procedure so your patients can slowly adjust to the light to in the room once they open their eyes. The best lighting system for your dental office expansion should give you control.

Ambient lighting also changes from room to room. The waiting area gives you room to make creative choices and experiment with different combinations.


A huge percentage of your electricity bill comes from your lighting; however, today you have a wide selection of energy saving lighting solutions that can reduce your monthly utility expenses significantly. While planning your dental office expansion, you need to think about changes that will help you cut costs and make your clinic more eco-friendly.

High Lights and Shadows

While thinking about lighting for your dental office expansion, think about a space you really enjoy and identify what you like about the space. Often, you will realize that you enjoy spaces with lighting that changes at different times of the day. You can achieve such an effect in your dental office by playing around with your shadows and high lights, Instead of resulting to the traditional fluorescent bulbs, ask your designers to help you identify lights that add to the aesthetic of your dental office.


Choosing lamps requires time and a general understanding of what you want to achieve. Whenever you are looking for lights, make sure you know how each lamp works, where it will go in the clinic and the effect it will have on the room. Ask your designer to help you with the selection to avoid making the wrong lighting decisions.

Budgeting for your Lights

The assumption among many dentists considering an office expansion is that the only way to cut costs is to go for the affordable fluorescent lights throughout. While they offer a cost-effective solution, they give your clinic a cheap look and do not always offer energy-saving benefits. Talk to your designer about cost-effective lighting solutions with energy saving benefits. There are several brands in the market to suit any budget that will give you that expensive and high-end finish you need.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is instrumental in creating an energy efficient office. Taking advantage of natural lighting allows you to design a well-ventilated office and positively impacts productivity in your team. While planning your dental office expansion, think of different ways you can take advantage of natural light as part of your décor. For example, you can have a piece of art that looks different at different times of the day depending on the light coming into the room.

Lighting the Way

Lighting plays a key role in the functionality and aesthetic of your dental office. HJT Dental Designs will help you get the right lighting solutions for your dental office expansion.