Pediatric Dental Office Designs for Reducing Anxiety in Children

Posted by HJT Design


girl holding oversized tooth mold in pediatric dental office

A child’s first visit to the dentist is critical to establishing a positive dental visit. Many people, including children, dread going to the dentist due to a bad past experience. If you run a pediatric dental office, one of your top priorities should be helping children with their anxieties about going to the dentist.

Children who suffer consistently bad experiences with the dentist during his or her early years can develop a fear of dentists in the future. For adults, a dental office is about function, but for children, the world is about form. Create an inviting, relaxing, stress-free atmosphere that is also kid-friendly, and your younger patients don’t fear going to the dentist.

Consider what children will think about your design choices as you plan and make decisions for your pediatric dental office design. Something as seemingly simple as your choice of paint for the walls can actually have profound effects on your child patients.

Choosing Lighting

The lighting in a dental office needs to be functional. Lights in the office help the dentists and technicians perform their duties, as well as helping patients feel more at ease. Poor lighting can also impact children negatively. Fluorescent lighting is less expensive than other lighting, but many studies link it to behavior issues in children. Brightly lit space is also crucial; poorly lit spaces can increase anxiety in children, especially in unfamiliar places.

Color Palettes

There has been a great deal of study into the science and psychology behind colors, and it’s important to think about this as you choose the colors for your pediatric dental office. Vivid reds are going to convey danger and energy, whereas blues and greens typically evoke more calming feelings. Yellows are perky, friendly hues but can also be jarring to the eyes in some applications.

All dental offices obviously feature various appliances and tools that are likely going to be typical stainless steel and sterile white, so it’s important to leverage your color choices as a way to make the spaces of your office more pleasant and exciting. You can even go the extra mile and investigate wall prints or wallpapers with fun, kid-friendly designs.

Many pediatric dental offices have taken to creating themed examination rooms. One room could feature superheroes, while others have characters from popular kids’ films and TV shows. Children tend to be more comfortable when they see familiar characters, so these kinds of designs can make examinations go much more smoothly.

Entertainment and Multimedia

Invest in entertainment devices as a way to distract anxious children and provide positive associations with the dentist. A television in the waiting room is a great way to help kids relax before a visit. Additionally, exam room TVs can offer a much-needed distraction for fussy children.

Think about where you could install some multimedia devices to offer your child patients some distractions for their visits. When you take the time to consider options for making your pediatric dental office more inviting, you could wind up with child patients who are actually excited to come in for their exams and cleanings.

HJT Dental Office Consultants specializes in dental office redesigns. If you’re opening up a new location, moving your practice, or just want to revamp your pediatric dental office, keep these tips in mind to create a welcoming, stress-free atmosphere for your patients.