Approved: What’s Next After Approval for Construction Permits

Posted by HJT Design

There are many options when it comes to hiring contractors to build your construction project. However, we will focus on the most commonly used method: competitive bidding. 

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To save time and line up the necessary construction components it’s a very common practice to also start the bidding process at the same time the finished construction documents are submitted for review and approval. The bidding process often takes about two weeks and the permitting process, if all are in proper order, also takes about two weeks on average.

Dental Office Under ConstructionUpon receiving construction permit approval you and your architect should review the submitted bids from invited contractors and have a good idea which contractor will be awarded with the construction contract. You’ll need to complete the following steps during this time

Awarding the contract

Pre-Construction Conference – Introduction of the construction Team and layout the rules of engagement and expectations.

Start of demolition, if applicable.

Chalking-out of the space, aka starting the methodical process of putting the pieces and parts in place and order in accordance with the approved permit drawings.

Throughout the construction phase there will be periodic progress review conferences, inspections, submittal reviews, etc. Chronologically everything has to be done and completed in progression before other tasks can follow and build upon them, similar to a relay race. Any missteps will affect the schedule and there may be extra costs to rectify. It’s crucial to have constant communication between the construction team and the project architect; and the General Contractor must have good control over daily progress of the construction activities. The success of the project can be summarized in a few words…

a. Detailed, accurate and current Construction Documents.

b. Close collaboration and communication between project team members.

c. Proactive work 

The construction of your office doesn’t have to be chaotically stressful if you work from good documentation and with competent team members.

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