Renovating Your Dental Office During Normal Business Hours

Posted by HJT Design

Renovating Your Dental Office During Normal Business HoursRenovating your dental office is one of the best decisions you will ever make for your business. A renovation is an opportunity for you to improve the patient experience, attract new patients, and grow your profits. Unfortunately, renovations require a lot of work, which costs time and money.

During renovations, you cannot afford to close your office.

There are several considerations to make when handling a renovation for your dental clinic during business hours, such as:

The Right Contractor

Hire a contractor with the right experience in renovating dental offices. Your renovation will involve a lot of specialty equipment and custom installments specific to your practice. A contractor with extensive knowledge and experience in the construction of dental clinics will save you time and money. Such a contractor will also understand the workings of a dental clinic and is more likely to work around your schedule well.


The success of your renovation plan depends on you having a strategic plan. Spend time with your contractor and come up with a design and an implementation plan. For example, you can have the work begin an hour before you open the clinic and slow down when the clinic is busiest. You must also create a cleanup guideline to ensure patients do not have to walk over construction debris coming into the clinic. Breakdown your construction project in phases so you avoid having a messy office. For example, if you are working on renovating a treatment room, avoid interference in the waiting room. The parts under must also have clear signs to keep patients and your staff away from the construction. Additionally, make sure your patients know that your office is under construction; use targeted messaging such as “bare with us give you better quality service.” 

Safety Codes

In addition to creating a pleasant environment for your employees and patients, you need to make sure the renovations abide by all local construction safety codes. You must prioritize safety at all times, even if it means stalling the renovations a little longer. Put up the necessary signs and cover up the construction site completely to avoid polluting the clinic’s air with noise. Additionally, make sure you get the insurance cover you need for the construction site to avoid any liability in case of an accident involving your staff or your patients.

A renovation for your dental clinic will open you up to new opportunities and improve the customer experience. Dental clinic renovation experts such as HJT Dental Office Consultants will work around your schedule to ensure you get the upgrade you deserve without disrupting your daily activities.