Determining the Right Solution for Your Dental Office Redesign

Posted by HJT Design

Does your current office dental plan not cover your growing business needs? You may need to consider redesign and expansion. A successful upgrade or expansion of your dental office will need careful thought and planning. The end result will be a functional design that also creates a pleasant experience for your clients. With many designs available, you will be able to find something specific to your needs. Selecting key principles based on your needs will help you arrive at an informed decision. Let’s take a look at a few different key criteria your design should have:

Meet the objectives of your vision

Before the project can begin, you need to determine the objectives. What problem do you intend to solve? Is it an expanding issue, or a functional problem? The objective needs to be very specific. For instance, do you need more space for new equipment for more patients? Do you wish to create a more open and friendly environment, or increase functionality? The designer you hire will need to know the vision and objectives. The better they are able to understand what you have in mind, the better they can execute your plan.


Strike a functional balance

There is a delicate balance between functionality and ergonomic design. The office design project must meet architectural design needs, technology integration, clinical functionality and aesthetics. All of these elements when harmoniously integrated will create a balanced design that expresses the vision of the business, and the needs of the clients. These elements are critical in achieving office efficiencies, employee satisfaction and patient comfort. It also contributes towards overall productivity and profitability.

Incorporate changing technology needs

Operatory Designed by HJT dental office designAny dental office that wishes to thrive and survive must stay updated on technology. It also ensures that your practice remains competitive and relevant. Technology goes a long way in improving the efficiency of your business. In addition, it communicates to your clients that you care for their needs.

Dental technology is expected to grow astronomically over the next ten years. A digital platform is crucial with today’s ever-growing technology. Updates should include advanced equipment and ergonomic patient chairs.  The office design should offer new changes as well as a balanced flow of traffic.

Comfort must be considered in the dental office redesign. Research has shown that businesses that embrace new technologies thrive even when the state of the economy is poor. On the other hand, those that resist technology changes are likely to struggle. Embracing technology and making room for changes  positions your dental office for future success.

Inspire professionalism

Most professionals aim for a dental office redesign that will achieve a more contemporary and attractive look. While the patient’s comfort must be considered, the design must represent a professional business. Professionalism in design helps to instil confidence in the patients. New patients will evaluate your business based on the professionalism, strong design and customer care. When creating your new design, it is imperil to keep in mind that this layout will speak to the customers before they interact with staff. The physical environment you create should communicate excellence, professionalism and care. These factors will go a long way in instilling the confidence of your patients, as well as create a selling point with new clients.