Saving Time and Money on Your Dental Office Renovation

Posted by HJT Design

Saving Time and Money on Your Dental Office Renovation HJT Designs
A dental office space renovation requires a significant investment of time and money; however, this does not mean you have to compromise and make decisions that affect your bottom line. A successful renovation begins with a concrete plan, a solid budget and a construction team that is willing to get creative and brings your dental office dreams to life. Approach the process with an open mind; your design team will surprise you if you allow them to get creative.


The first step to a successful, resource saving renovation is the planning. Decide the changes you need to make and your expectations after the renovation. For example, do you need more space to accommodate a growing clientele or do you need to transform the clinic into a cozy, homely space? Understanding your motivation early will help you communicate your vision with your design and construction team. After you agree on the changes, come up with an execution plan. Create a working schedule depending on whether you will close the clinic for a while or find a way to work around your day-to-day schedule. A concrete plan will also help you stay on budget and on schedule, preventing you from going over-budget.


Begin your renovation with a concrete budget, including a contingency fee to cater for unexpected expenses. Stating your budget early ensures you only plan for what you can afford. It also gives you time to discuss different cost-saving ideas with your design team. For example, you might decide to postpone installing lighting fixtures until a later date and prioritize upgrading the waiting area. Budgeting early further allows you to limit your work to what you can afford.

Get Creative

There are several options and solutions you can use in your dental office renovation to cut costs. For example, instead of buying new furniture, upholster the old furniture and make it look new. Strict budgeting forces you to get creative where unlikely items become décor pieces; for example, outdoor benches can become important design pieces inside the clinic.

Recycling and Reusing

One of the easiest ways for you to save money during your dental office renovation is working on a partial upgrade. Consider reusing and recycling your current pieces of equipment; for example, you can keep your old chairs and invest in a new wiring and piping system for your treatment rooms. Only spend money on things you need; after the renovation, you can save up and buy equipment gradually.

Creative Construction

While looking to save money and time, you must avoid any instances where you have to close your clinic for extended periods. Work with your design and construction team to schedule the renovations at night or on weekends when you close the clinic. Alternatively, start small and break down the construction work into phases to avoid turning the entire clinic into a construction site, or identify the slowest days on your calendar and schedule the work on these days; the renovations may take longer but they will save you from losing customers.

Working Together

Saving time and money in your dental office renovation requires careful planning and creativity from you and your designers. You must get a team that is willing to get creative within your budget and gives you the space you deserve. If you are looking to transform your office without spending too much money or wasting time, talk to the team at HJT Designs. The designers will help you get a new look in the shortest time possible, with the least amount of money possible.