5 Design Secrets to Ensure a Tasteful Dental Office Design

Posted by HJT Design

Tastefully designed dental office waiting area

Many dental patients associate the dental office with pain. While you cannot change this mentality, you can create a space that makes your patients and their loved ones feel cozy and comfortable in between procedures. The design element and lighting techniques you use play a central role in creating a space that feels homes, and less scary.

Some of the design secrets you can employ to make patients feel welcome and create a tasteful space include:

Coffee Shop Illusion

Adding brick walls to your dental office creates an inviting and harmonious space visitors will love. You can spice up the space by adding a round cozy table with unique sitting nooks to make clients feel more like they are sitting in a coffee lounge as opposed to a dental office.

Alternatively, you can create a simple coffee corner to transform the space into a warm and relaxing space instantly. Add a flower bouquet on the table to complete the space and create a waiting room patients will want to visit again.


Colors offer you a variety of options to play around with; you can use them for both decorative and functional reasons. Bold colors around the office can help different zones especially for patients. For example, you can use bright orange for restricted areas.  

Break up the white that is common in your dental office design with unique architectural piece and sophisticated colors. Sometimes the single color creates a canvas for you to get creative with wall hangings and other design elements. Ultimately, you can experiment with different items and switch up the space to portray seasons and changes in the business.  

Your use of color can also help you influence patient perceptions. For example, dark hues in the waiting areas can contrast with bright and colorful treatment rooms. Patients will feel safer in the treatment room. They also have more trust and confidence in the people they meet in these brighter rooms.

Shapes and Forms

Instead of using traditional furniture designs, use unique shapes and forms to decorate your dental clinic. For example, you can create huge seats that resemble different teeth with a mat or carpet in the shape of a tongue. Experiment with different designs and play around with concepts familiar to the dental field. They offer a playful escape for your visitors. Make the pieces light and portable so visitors can move them around and create their own ideas on an ideal sitting space.

Glass Elements

Glass walls and doors make your space look sophisticated and sleek. Make use of sliding glass to separate different rooms. You can accentuate them with different colors or artwork to match your overall décor. Alternatively, use the glass as a ‘canvas’ where young patients can play on as they wait to see the experts.

Sculptures and Antiques

Antiques and sculptures lend your space a sophisticated uniqueness. Use your dental clinic to display beautiful and one of a kind pieces of art to your patients. They serve as a good conversation starter between patients and a distraction as they wait to receive treatment.

Your office is your canvas. You can use it to experiment with different décor elements and influence how patients feel as they wait for treatment. Always think about your patients’ needs, and then add your own unique element to give the space a fun feel.

Work with a contractor who is willing to experiment and implement your ideas. Consultants at HJT will help you understand your clientele, analyze their demographical needs and guide you towards the most suitable design elements.