Should I Move My Dental Practice?

Posted by HJT Design

Should I Move My Dental Practice?

There are many reasons to consider moving your dental practice to a different location. While your current office may have been close to perfection in prior years, that might not be the case today. You may be dealing with situations beyond your control, such as a change in demographics, reduced traffic, or changes in traffic patterns. 

The decision to relocate your office is a major undertaking, but one that can have tremendous benefits in the long run, especially when done properly.

Should You Move or Just Renovate?

When weighing the cost of moving against taking on a complete dental office renovation, it’s essential to do some heavy planning, number crunching, and evaluating beforehand. To move or make major changes when it’s not entirely necessary can end up costing a great deal of money, along with a lot of wasted resources involved in such a major project.

Not having a full understanding of the true costs involved due to poor planning can end up being a catastrophic error with devastating consequences. Other human related errors involved with such a move may include moving to another undesirable location, losing established patients, cutting corners to save money, going too far over budget, or not hiring the proper dental office contractors for the job.

However, those who have done their fair share of research are likely to come to the conclusion that the benefits of relocating far outweigh any potential negative outcomes.

Benefits of relocating to a new dental office include:

More Space to Work With

It can be difficult to make changes when you’re working in an established dental office brimming with furniture and clutter, but a new move gives you wide open spaces to work with, allowing you to declutter, reorganize, redecorate, reconfigure, and fully utilize the open spaces to make it feel more spacious and comfortable for everyone.

An Opportunity to Start Over

Although the decision to start over can be overwhelming, just imagine the excitement that comes with being granted a blank slate to work with, in whichever way you see fit.

This allows whatever you desire, including righting the wrongs of your last location, creating a more updated, innovative dental design and configuring it in a way that makes more sense for patients, employees, and dentists alike.

Ability to Meet Safety Regulations

While the creative design planning may be the most enjoyable part of the office relocation or dental office renovation, it’s important to make sure you meet all of the safety requirements and regulations. This is your chance to make your office fully ADA compliant, along with making other positive changes, such as adding a better entrance that is not only more accessible, but also provides a higher level of safety. This alone will give you a greater sense of peace knowing that your office meets and exceeds all of the important safety standards and includes all of the latest features.

Provide a Better Patient Experience

What better way to thank your loyal patients, than to provide them with a much nicer waiting and reception area? Make your dental office feel like a home away from home by providing patients with comfort, style, and entertainment to help pass the time spent waiting.

There are multiple factors to consider when making the decision to move an already established dental practice, but sometimes it’s best to trust your instincts and have confidence that it will all work out for the best. We want to help. Our team of experts understands the unique needs of the dental industry. Our experience allows us to help you plan a satisfying relocation and/or complete renovation. Stop waiting and contact us today to discuss your ideas!