Should You Include Exterior Updates in Your Dental Office Remodel?

Posted by HJT Design

Should You Include Exterior Updates in Your Dental Office Remodel?

Office renovations are an important way to keep any dental office looking fresh, modern, and up to date. During the early planning phases, it’s easy to focus on the interior elements of a dental office like furniture, paint colors, and flooring options. However, some of the most noticeable changes to make during a dental office renovation will be found on the outside of the building. The exterior of your dental practice is the first thing that you, your staff, and your patients will see every day, and mustn’t be overlooked.

The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” sounds great in theory, but the reality is, people do make important decisions based off of first impressions. And for your current and future patients, what they see on the outside of your office will influence how they view the quality of dental care they’ll receive inside.

If you’re hoping to attract new patients, satisfy your existing ones, and create a workplace that your staff is proud to work at day after day, there are several exterior elements to look closely at during your renovation process.

5 Exterior Elements to Update During a Dental Office Redesign

1. Signage

Your dental office’s signage is the first thing to communicate who you are to your potential patients. Look closely at your office signs. Are they easily visible from the road? If not, what is limiting visibility and how can that be addressed? Is the backlighting bright enough and working properly? Spotlights? Make sure the lighting is shining brightly on your signage to catch the attention of passers-by. And, take time to consider if a new, modern sign design is needed to enhance your total renovation project.

2. Front Entrance

The front entrance to your dental office acts as the bridge between first impressions and a total dental care experience. Your office renovation plans should include efforts to ensure your entrance is aligned with all ADA codes and regulations. Is your front entrance handicap accessible? Could an automatic door make entering your office easier for patients with mobility issues? Do you need to install or upgrade a ramp to your front door? This is the time to make sure your office is accessible to any patient that might seek out your services.

3. Lighting

Brighten up your dental office’s appeal with the right combination of lighting installed across the exterior. Proper lighting in your parking lot can help improve visibility for your patients and staff during those early morning and late evening appointments, helping everyone to move around safely and confidently. Lights on the outside of your building and at your front entrance will also help to improve visibility. Spotlights strategically aimed at your office signs or landscaping can add to the aesthetic appeal of your office.

4. Parking Lot

A well-designed and maintained parking lot is essential to the success of your dental office. Do you have enough parking spaces to accommodate a growing patient list? Does your parking lot have an appropriate number of handicapped parking spaces available to meet ADA standards? Are your sidewalks and surface spaces filled with cracks, potholes, or weeds that could be hazardous to foot traffic? Make sure that your parking lot is on the list of considerations for an update during a renovation project.

5. Landscaping

Don’t forget to invest in some updated landscaping. The right flowers, trees, and shrubs can offer a welcoming sense of warmth and comfort to your patients before they walk into your office for an appointment. For potential patients passing your location, a beautiful landscape that stands out amongst your neighbors could be just the thing to draw them into your office.

Although your greatest services to your patients can be found within the office walls, what they see on the outside may be the one thing that gets them in the door from the start. Don’t cut corners on your dental office redesign by neglecting to update the exterior of your dental office building.

HJT Dental Design Consultants understand that the exterior design elements of a dental office are just as important as what you choose for your office’s interior. With a team of highly experienced pros, we can make sure the exterior of your dental office offers a memorable first impression of all that your practice has to offer.