4 Ways Your Staff Benefits from a Dental Office Renovation

Posted by HJT Design

Happy Dental Office Staff benefit from remodel

A dental office space renovation is more than just creating a visually appealing space, it’s all about renovating your technologies, equipment, furniture and more. The typical design of a dental office has become much more efficient and can result in a more productive and sustainable end result.

Whether remodeling will involve minor upgrades or a complete overhaul, the results can have a positive impact on the satisfaction and performance of your staff. A well designed, employee friendly renovation can translate into long-lasting success. Here are 4 ways that your staff could benefit from a newly renovated dental office space.

Health and Safety

One of the benefits of a dental office renovation that will affect productivity and the opportunity to make the space more ergonomic is the health and safety of your staff. Your employees spend a significant amount of their time in the office and this means that if there is something that exposes them to unwanted health problems, they surely are going to dread even waking up to come to work. If your employees are getting sick often or not feeling well while at work, it could be something like your HVAC system that is from years ago affecting them. A dental office renovation will help maintain and improve the level of employee safety and health, which translates into happy employees.


The renovation of your dental office space should be customized to the needs of your staff. If you have worn, outdated furniture, then it simply means that the comfort of your employees is not guaranteed. Your staff can benefit from a remodeling if the furniture is comfortable. For instance, it would be great to install adjustable desks that will make the workspace more comfortable. Such desks will not only serve your staff today but also in the future. Modernized storage ideas and functionally-designed floor plans can also make your dental office space more organized and efficient. Your staff will also enjoy working in a space that is organized and has no distractions.

Options and Control

A newly renovated dental office space will give your staff the ability to control their own work environment. If you provide them with adjustable desks and options for lighting and temperature control, there will be an increase in job satisfaction. Employees are also provided with the functional space they need such as training spaces, meeting spaces, and presentation spaces. Allowing your employees’ mobility and the power to choose their work environment will give them the opportunity to maximize their productivity.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Your employees want to be successful, innovative and contribute to your practice’s growth. This, however, can be possible if your office space fosters and encourages teamwork, collaboration, and engagement. A newly renovated dental office space will give your staff the opportunity to communicate effectively and provide enhanced solutions for the clients. The environment should encourage collaboration and even better teamwork. Your office design should not put your employees apart but should work to make them connected. In this way, they will be looking forward to coming to work because they like they’re a part of that great place.

A well-designed space is more conducive to completing tasks as well as increasing employee comfort and ease. This will then result in job satisfaction and productivity. Ease of interaction should not be understated either. Your staff will greatly benefit from an office renovation and when they’re happy, you will be happy and your dental practice will see increased profits. To learn more about turning your dental office space renovation plans into reality, contact HJT Design today and schedule your free consultation.