Steps to a Dental Office Remodel

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Steps to a Dental Office Remodel
A great dental office begins with some drilling and hammering, even before you open up your space to the public. However, sometimes the drilling and hammering will come in when you start planning to grow your practice.

Either way, you need to think of the construction process as an important component to the success of your dental clinic. Your remodeling process should focus on improving the functionality of your dental clinic and on providing your staff and patients with an experience they will love.

It is therefore crucial that you approach the remodeling process carefully to ensure you create the right experience and attract the right people into your dental office.

Choose a Contractor

The contractor you choose can make a significant difference between a successful or terrible dental office remodeling experience. Spend some time interviewing potential contractors; contacting their references; checking out their dental office work; ensuring they have the proper insurance and assessing their overall understanding of your expectations.

Due diligence before the remodeling begins will help you save money and time. In the selection process, make sure you get a contractor who is willing to put everything down in writing, including the amount of time the work will take; the costs plus any emergency expenses; the materials you will use and anything else you need specific to your clinic.

Create a Plan

Once you have your contractor on board, start by creating a plan to help you throughout the entire process. For example, will you close the clinic or will you just barricade some parts; does the time allocated require the construction team to come in at night or are you okay with normal working hours. Such details are important in helping you determine the effect the remodeling will have on your business. It helps you prepare for conversations with your staff and patients, especially if you need to close the clinic.


Your budget will influence many of the decisions you make during the remodeling process. You need to communicate to your contractor to come up with a payment plan. Understanding your financial muscle can help you make a plan; for example, do you have all the money in your savings or do you plan on taking out the money from your monthly income. If it’s the latter, then your contractor needs to understand that you cannot afford any mistakes that might force you to close your clinic.


Every dental office remodeling process begins with expectations that you must communicate to your construction team. Whether you are looking for more space, a different look, efficiency or to appeal to a different demographic, you must share your expectations. Understanding your expectations helps with decision making during the planning process and the entire remodeling process. It also allows you to get honest and valuable feedback, especially from your staff.


Since the remodeling process is likely to affect your day-to-day operations, you need to come up with a schedule that works for both your staff and the construction team. You need to identify conflict areas and different opportunities for compromise from the entire team. For example, if you open the clinic at 7a.m. but you start seeing patients at 9a.m., you might consider opening later to give the construction crew time to clean up.


Successful dental office remodeling begins with planning. A plan helps you and your construction team work together towards a common goal. Dental office remodeling experts such as HJT designs understand you. They will work with you to create your unique space that meets all your needs.  Contact HJT Dental Design Consultants today!