The Importance of Proper Dental Office Design

Posted by HJT Design

office-designThe popular saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” may be appropriate for people, but when it comes to dental office design, inside and out, it’s clear that the visible look of the place does matter. How many patients choose not to make that initial phone call to the dentist because the office’s website is down or not working, or the outside of the building looks faded and rundown when they drive by? The design of your patient treatment rooms, building exteriors, the waiting room, and even the lab sterilization station will communicate a message to everyone there.

What message do you want your dental office design to communicate?

When it comes to your dental office, a well-run practice with satisfied customers will be impacted by the design and flow of your physical space. Taking time to strategically and intentionally plan these design elements could be one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

The design of your dental office really does matter. Here are four reasons why:

Expectations Before They Walk Through the Door

Whether you like it or not, your patients will make judgments about your practice, abilities, and competence based on what they see around them. Dusty offices with cobwebs communicate that you’re too busy to clean and pay attention to details. Is your reception area neat and well organized? Does your waiting room accommodate the proper number of patients so that there is adequate seating without looking too empty? Is your equipment ergonomical? If your patients aren’t comfortable and happy in more ways than one, they’ll likely have reason to search elsewhere for that ideal patient experience.

Your Dental Staff Must Work in the Office Every Day

Your dental staff is the backbone of your practice. They attend to your patients’ needs, assist your team of dentists, and provide the support you need to keep the office running daily. A carefully designed flow of the office furniture, the layout of patient treatment rooms, and private office space can decrease workplace stress and promote an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration. If people are constantly trying to avoid bumping into each other and tripping over equipment around the office, high tension levels may be unavoidable.

Your Dental Office Design Will Reflect Your Personal Values As the Owner

Do you specialize in Pediatric dentistry or are you targeting families with children? Do you have a personal passion for eco-friendly living? Do you embrace meditative practices that could be relaxing and calming for your patients? How you design your dental office space is a perfect way to share a little bit about yourself and your values with the people who visit every day.

Your Design Must Be In Line with Medical Field Regulations

If you’ve got experience in the industry, you understand that there are countless regulations and standards that must be followed exactly. Your designs must be skillfully planned to find a functional balance between patient comfort, architectural design, clinical function, technology integration, ergonomic design, AND regulatory standards. This is not an easy feat, so make sure you’ve got key people in your corner who have knowledge in different areas to ensure that nothing gets skipped or overlooked.

At HJT, we are driven by a passion to uniquely combine the medical science of dentistry with design, architecture, and construction to serve the needs of industry professionals just like you as you prepare to best serve the dental needs of the people in your neighborhood. Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating your existing space, we can help transform your dental office’s design into something that your staff and patients will benefit from every day. Contact us today to get started.