The Power of First Impressions: 7 Dental Office Reception Ideas

Posted by HJT Design

The Power of First Impressions: 7 Dental Office Reception Ideas, Dental office design that creates a great first impression.

When it comes to designing your dental office space, your reception area is an incredibly important area to focus on. Not only do you need the staff at your reception desk to be able to deal with patients coming in and out of your office in an effective and efficient manner, but the reception space itself should leave a good first impression on new patients. 

If they have a poor first impression of your reception desk, it will be difficult to win them back, which could cause you to struggle for new patients. With that in mind, the following are seven dental office reception ideas to think about:

1. Make Sure the Reception Area Oversees the Waiting Area

When designing the layout of your practice, make sure your reception area oversees the waiting area. This way, patients will know where to go and it will be easy for your front desk staff to call up patients that are ready to be seen.

2. Use a Large Reception Desk

A large desk can help anchor the space and provide a design focal point. However, it also ensures that your staff has plenty of room to operate. A lack of space can make it difficult for them to stay organized, which can hurt their ability to serve your patients efficiently.

3. Choose the Right Colors

Color can have a psychological impact on people. As such, choosing the right colors for your reception area is important, not just for having a calming influence on your patients, but also to ensure that your staff remains happy and productive throughout the day. Light blue tones tend to be effective at creating a calming effect, but balance it out with a few touches of warm color as well.

4. Lighting

Poor lighting will make it difficult for patients to read and sign paperwork. It will be even more limiting for your front desk staff. Good lighting will keep them feeling healthy and energetic as well as make it easier for them to do paperwork.

5. Consider the Traffic Around the Reception Area

When designing the layout of your reception area, you’ll want to make sure it’s designed in a way in which traffic won’t get congested. Meaning, you should have plenty of space around the desk for patients to sign in as well as to check out. Make sure it’s large enough so that you can have two different stations for each task. The last thing you want is for patients to crowd around the reception area because it’s too small as this will block the flow of traffic.

6. Add decor with some personality

A lack of decor around the reception area can make your dental office feel sterile and without feeling. Add decor that has some personality, whether it’s amusing posters that are dental-related, photographs of your staff and patients, or even artwork created by your younger patients. Not only does it give patients something to look at, but well-chosen decor can make your practice more inviting.

7. Implement technology

Adding technology around the reception area leaves the impression that you’re up-to-date on all things tech-related. Even something as simple as free Wi-Fi and nearby outlets can be helpful to patients as they wait. Many dental offices are using tablets for their sign-in process as well. When you use technology like this at the front of your dental practice, patients will often assume that your actual dental equipment is up-to-date as well.

These are seven dental office reception ideas to keep in mind as you plan your office space design to help ensure that you leave a positive first impression. For more tips on how to plan a successful dental office design, be sure to contact us at HJT Dental Office Design today.