Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Dental Office Remodel

Posted by HJT Design

Choosing the right contractor for your dental office remodel is a crucial step. The contractor is tasked with turning your vision into a reality. Remodeling your dental office goes beyond designing an environment. The dental office remodel contractor must understand that what he is creating is an experience for your clients and your staff.  It is important to have a selection criteria! Here are key pointers:


Due to the specification and job precision, a dental remodel requires an experienced contractor. The consultant and workers should be talented and knowledgeable. It is important to ascertain how many similar projects the contractor has undertaken. If you can, visit these projects to get a feel of what to expect.

Dentist offices and specialized and complex structures require the expertise of a contractor who is well versed and skilled in different projects. You may still opt to go for a general contractor, but they should be able to give you a layout and design that actualizes your vision. Remember, mistakes in layout are very hard to correct. Remodeling needs to be done right the first time.


It is important to gather a few bids and scrutinize them carefully. The bids given by the contractors need to be very detailed. A comparison in the details will also help to know which contractor has more experience and who understands the task at hand better. The bids given should also include contingency plans in case of any hiccups during the project.


Working with a contractor who is insured or bonded protects you as the client. Bonding or insurance will protect you in the event that the contractors fails to complete the job, damages property or fails to pay suppliers and subcontractors.

There are several pertinent question you need to ask potential contractors:

Dental Office Hallway Designed by HJTHow many projects are you currently working on?

If the contractor has many projects that they are working on at once, they may not give yours the attention it requires. If they have many projects, they should be in position to demonstrate that they have skilled man-power to ensure that every project is well executed.

Do you have in-house contractors or will you subcontract the project?

If the work will be subcontracted, you should meet with the subcontractors to ensure that they understand the vision. The main remodeler should also supervise the project to ensure that they do not deviate from the original plan. In most cases, it is preferable to work with a remodeler who has in-house contractors. This gives the project a flow and deadlines are achieved easily when one has a team that they can fully depend on.

What is your payment schedule?

Different contractors will have different payment schedules. You need to negotiate on a plan that you can both be comfortable with. Payment is best made on a continuing basis, it is ill advised to a make a full upfront payment. An initial deposit should be paid upon signing of the contract. The rest of the fee should be spread out through different stages of the project. The contractor should not ask for a ridiculously large sum as deposit.

In order to actualize the vision you have for your dental office, you will need the right team. To avoid expensive mistakes and getting overwhelmed, it is imperative that you conduct due diligence prior to bringing a contractor on board.