Upgrading Your Dental Practice as a Competitive Strategy

Posted by HJT Design

Upgrading Your Dental Practice as a Competitive Strategy

As the old adage rightfully notes, “The only thing that remains constant in life is change.” This statement is as true in the medical field as anywhere else. In fact, the latest improvements in technology have completely transformed how dentistry is performed. So, continually upgrading your dental practice is a must if you want to stay with or ahead of the competition. Here are just a few of the more notable reasons to do so:

It Is More Efficient

The work demands on the staff of a dental office are usually quite significant. Not only do they have to keep the doctors happy but also the patients. These conflicting demands often present a conundrum as to which need they should first meet. A well-designed and implemented office layout can alleviate much of these problems. For example, the patient triage areas can be located near the front office area and allow the staff to move freely – and quickly! – interacting with both the patients and the doctors.

It Is More Customer-Friendly

Newer concepts in dental office configurations have introduced common staging areas where patients are first treated. This strategy allows the patients to engage with others in the same situation. Not only is their stress level reduced but they do not feel the strain of waiting as heavily as when they were sequestered in private waiting areas. It also reduces the footprint of your dental space and can save significantly on the rent.

It Is More Staff-Friendly

One of the primary ideas of an upgraded dental office space is to reduce the number of physical footsteps – and therefore the workload – needed to be taken by the staff. The reduction of these footsteps – a seemingly inconsequential consideration – can save a considerable amount of time and free up your staff for other more important duties. It also allows your staff to more immediately answer the needs of your patients as they are located closer and grouped together.

It Is Stress Reducing

Relieving your staff and your clients from having to constantly relocate within your office space allows both of them to relax to some extent. The clients – waiting for treatment or recuperating – can be safely and comfortably ensconced in a semi-private area that is conveniently located to other work areas. The result is a staff that can keep a concerned eye on them while still attending to other duties.

It is More Profitable

All of these suggestions are intended to help you and your staff to spend less time traveling from one situation or another and to deal with them in a slightly more timely manner. It may not seem consequential but the saving of a few seconds every time a task needs to be accomplished can yield considerable benefits. In short, a dental practice with a well laid out design allows for fewer staff members and therefore yields a higher profit margin.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of imagination and experience to design the optimal configuration of a dental office. For more information on this process and on other ways to obtain a competitive advantage by upgrading your dental practice, please contact us at HJT Dental Design Consultants. You will find us online atHJTDesign.com or you can reach us directly with any questions at 866.213.1268.