Making Sure Your Dental Office is Utilizing Space Effectively

Posted by HJT Design

This Dental office design effectively uses space in its waiting area

An attractive and efficient office is one of the biggest strengths that a dentist can have when trying to run a successful practice. Even if the office space itself is less than ideal, you can make good use of the available space by making use of the following practices:

Check your Needs

When picking out an office to move into, check your needs to determine whether the new office will be a good fit. How many patients do you expect to handle every day? How big are the rooms, and can they handle the workload that they are subjected to daily? What is the current condition of the space?  What type of repairs will be needed?  Would the cost of redesigning the office be worth the effort for your business?

Spread Out the Furniture

Once you have picked out the location, it is time to arrange the office in a manner that suits your taste. Avoid collecting all the furniture in one area, since this makes the other parts of the room seem empty and unused. Instead, spread out the furniture over as much area as possible to make use of all the extra space.

Use Shelves and Cabinets

If you have more material than space, make use of shelves and cabinets. Keep all the material in an orderly manner so that it does not get in the way of your daily activity. If there is no space on the floor for the shelves, you can always buy wall cabinets. They can hold the equipment while at the same time making good use of the available vertical space.

Avoid a Cluttered Office

Your office must appear professional and clean. One way to destroy that impression is to have unnecessary office supplies laying around. These supplies may take the form of expired medicine, obsolete tools or old log books and case files. Make sure to go over your office once or twice every month to determine which material you need and which material you can discard.   

Adapt Space Resources to Improve Office Design

It is not always possible to get an office with perfect symmetry and dimensions. There will be awkward spaces or shapes around the corners or edges of the office. Instead of ignoring these corners or trying to hide them, make use of the space to help improve the atmosphere. You can install an air purifier, an aquarium, or a flat screen tv. These can add color to the office or make the general environment more healthy and enjoyable.

Thus, we see that having a small office space doesn’t have to hold you back from providing all the necessary facilities and services. The above space management techniques can turn your office into a warm and inviting area which patients will want to keep coming back to.