What Positive Impact Can a Dental Office Expansion Have?

Posted by HJT Design

What Positive Impact Can a Dental Office Expansion Have HJT Designs

As time progresses, every dentist must make the decision to add space or stand back and try to please an ever-growing client base with current space and equipment. The best way to facilitate growth is with timely dental office expansion. An expansion will make a positive impact on your clients as well as your staff. It catalyzes business growth, attracts more clients, and ultimately adds to the bottom line.

Accommodate the Latest Tech

One of the best reasons to expand your dental office is to add space for new machines and technologies that will enhance operations and make the office that much more efficient. Additional space gives you the flexibility necessary to implement the latest tech advances. This is the competitive advantage your practice needs to bring in new clients.

Enhanced Look and Feel

Expanding your office will spark an aesthetic makeover that makes an outdated office that much more modern, spacious and welcoming. Your patients will love additional seating space. The addition of patient waiting rooms, lounge seating and offices make everything flow that much better.


Improve Employee Morale

If your team seems a bit down or fatigued, consider how an expanded office would energize them. More space provides your staff with that much more breathing room, less stress and the opportunity to work in the most efficient manner possible. The end result of your dental office expansion will be a happier, more productive group of employees who genuinely look forward coming to work. This is the highly functional, inviting, warm and new workspace your team has been hoping for!

Enhanced Access

Take a moment to analyze your equipment and furniture. Are there pieces that seem out of place in terms of style, color or quality? If anything sticks out, it is time to part ways with that item and adds something that looks truly professional. This is also an opportunity to eliminate all of that excess paperwork. Conceal the current paperwork from view after separating it from the rest. Maintain a professional environment and your team will respect it that much more.

Makes the Waiting Room an Enjoyable Place

You will maximize patient retention by providing them with a spacious and accommodating waiting space. Patients who have ample space and comfortable seating won’t be nearly as nervous about their upcoming dental work. Expand your office and your patients will feel that much more comfortable throughout the duration of their appointment at your facility.


Additional Space for Patient Rooms

Your dental office must be continuously tweaked to accommodate growth. Add space to your waiting room and treatment rooms to maximize patient comfort. These extra treatment rooms let patients enjoy waiting in a more private space. You can also provide more services by making use of all of the expanded space’s treatment rooms. Consider additional services you can provide with this extra space so you get more done in-house and provide fewer outside referrals.


More Space for New Hires

If your practice is growing fast enough to add a new hire, the additional space will facilitate the onboarding process. Adding more staff makes it easier to treat more patients and provide the best customer service in town.


Enjoy the Benefits of Dental Office Expansion

It is time to add some space to your dental office. There are plenty of reasons to expand, from improving the patient experience to making your office that much more fulfilling for staff and boosting revenue. So add some space, enjoy the uptick in business and embrace the growth you have been looking for. Contact HJT Designs for any questions reguarding your upcoming dental office remodel.