Why is Design so Important to Your Thriving Dental Practice?

Posted by HJT Design

Much like technology, dental office design is always evolving. Gone are the days of sterile, boring, and outdated offices that feel cold and uninviting. Dental offices of today are being transformed into colorful, vibrant, and cozy spaces that often feel like a home away from home or even resemble an upscale hotel or spa like interior.

With so much competition, it’s imperative that a lot of thought, planning, and care go into the designing and implementing of a dental office design project in order to satisfy current patients and keep them coming back, as well as entice a new group of patients to come in.

Since design can negatively affect the productivity of your practice, it’s important to carefully plan out your dental office design project with your end goals in sight.

Invest in Technology

In today’s competitive market, it’s vital that dentists invest in the latest and best technology that will distinguish their treatment rooms from that of a traditional dental office design.

Consider the Patient Experience

It’s important to keep the patient experience in mind as you plan out your dental office design. Ensure that there is proper storage to keep clutter, cabling, cords and wires, and other unsightly objects out of sight from patients. Also, provide patients with comfort and entertainment while they wait, such as a spacious waiting room that provides the familiar luxuries of home, as well as some amenities to make their visit more pleasant, such as a coffee bar, comfortable seating, room to relax, and some privacy.

Make it Ergonomic

By facilitating a more comfortable, ergonomic positioning for both the dentist and assistant, this can help relax and improve the mental focus of the team, as well as enhancing patient perception during treatment.

Keep it Spacious

Choose an open, flexible floor plan that can easily be reconfigured to meet future demands and changes, such as upgrading equipment as new technology becomes available.

Ditch the Cabinets

While having ample storage is always a good thing, reconsider the large, bulky, traditional wooden cabinets as they take up a lot of space, and can’t be easily reconfigured or moved. Instead, opt for a system that allows modular integration delivery systems, such as movable carts for your assistants.

Choose your Décor Wisely

Select artwork, lighting and colors that create a calm and peaceful environment. Provide access to sunlight or natural light if possible to help keep patients feel relaxed and less anxious about seeing the dentist.

Once you recognize the importance of a thoughtful, well planned dental office design and how it impacts the success of your dental practice, it’s time to hire a professional dental design consultant, such as HJT, to help bring your ideas to life and create an office you and your patients will love for many years to come. Contact us today.