Why You Need A Separate Recovery Room

Posted by HJT Design

recovery-roomWhen planning out the design of your dental practice, you will need to figure out exactly what you’re needs are so that you can create an office space that is efficient and effective. Although you may be tempted to include as many treatment rooms or as big of a treatment space (if you go with an open layout) as possible, don’t dismiss the importance of having a recovery room as well.

What is a Recovery Room?

A recovery room is a room where you can send patients following a dental procedure. There are certain procedures after which a patient may not be ready to leave right away. They may need some time to rest and to gather themselves before they feel comfortable leaving. This is generally the case if they underwent a dental surgery that required more than just general anesthesia.

By designing a recovery room, you’ll make your dental practice much more patient-friendly. It shows that you care about their comfort and that your practice is much more than just a revolving door to try to bring in as many patients as possible.

Designing a Recovery Room

The most important aspect of an effective recovery room is that it provides the patient with a comfortable environment to rest up in. This means that you’ll want to make sure that it’s an actual room and not just a small space open to the hallway. You should use calming colors for the walls as well, such as light blues. Set up a bed so that the patient can lay down, but have a few chairs available as well for their friends and family members who may have accompanied them. In fact, having a few magazines available for them is a nice touch as well.

If you’re able to, set up a bathroom and sink within the recovery room. This way, if they need to use the bathroom or need a glass of water, they don’t have to back through the dental practice to get one. Another important feature is the lighting. The lighting should not be the same as that in the treatment areas, which is often harsh. Use soft lighting. In fact, put a dimmer on the general lighting so that the levels can be controlled.

If you see a lot of child patients, consider adding other elements to the recovery room, such as stuffed animals that they can hold while they are resting up. Add photographs, drawings, or posters to the walls to help make the room feel more personal and less sterile as well.

Add a Recovery Room Today

If you’re renovating your dental practice, then it’s important that you keep the needs of your patients in mind. One of the best ways to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxing is by adding a recovery room. For more advice concerning the design of your dental practice, be sure to contact us at HJT Dental Design Consultants today.