You Don’t Have to Compromise: Beauty and Functionality in Your Dental Office Design

Posted by HJT Design

You Don't Have to Compromise: Beauty and Functionality in Your Dental Office DesignRenovation projects are a serious investment for any individual or business to undertake. They require extensive time to complete and can create significant inconveniences for everyone. They are expensive, often requiring thousands of dollars in construction costs, equipment expenses, interior design fees, and cosmetic changes. 

And, for dental practices, there’s the expectation that the changes will bring the desired results that you and your patients will benefit from. That’s a huge risk that is definitely worth taking.

When taking all of this into consideration, it’s important to remember that the changes you make during a dental office renovation don’t have to be merely aesthetic changes to make the office more attractive. Nor do you have to create a cold, sterile dental office environment in order to show your commitment to safe, clean dental medicine. When redesigning your dental office, you don’t have to compromise. You can have a dental office that is both comfortably beautiful AND practically functional, too.

Common Redesign Changes that Pull Double-Duty for Your Dental Practice

Digital Charting

With the forever changing advances in technology, more and more dental practices are realizing the benefits of “going green” as a paperless office. Digital Charting is a simple way to do this, and it shows your patients that you care about the environment AND that you are willing to adapt and change as technology changes around you. Digital Charting will bring your practice up with the times and will ensure that you are compliant with all HIPAA regulations. Digital charting will mean that your office will need less physical space for bulky filing cabinets, allowing you to better utilize every inch of your office for the things that matter most- patients and their direct care.


Adding new lighting is an important way to improve patient care and showcase the beautiful changes that you’ve made to your dental office after a renovation. Accent lighting in the waiting room, in hallways, or even in office spaces will highlight modern interior design changes and improve visibility for those walking about the office space. Plus, if chosen specifically, many of these lighting fixtures can be beautiful pieces of art that your patients would enjoy viewing while they wait. Lighting improvements during a renovation can also be extremely functional as well. Installing carefully designed windows in patient treatment rooms can improve the natural light needed to perform cleanings, surgeries, or treatments properly. New advances in surgical lighting can help dentists and hygienists best determine individual tooth colorings for dental procedures, ensuring that patients are satisfied with the end results.

Waiting Room Updates

When your patients come into your office, they’ll most likely have to spend some time in the waiting room first. The mood and tone that is set here will help determine how your patient feels when they come back to the treatment room. An anxious, scared patient may not sit still in the chair and may end up being unintentionally difficult. However, a relaxed confident patient will be ideal to work with. Wall color tones, furniture selections, and amenities like coffee or hot chocolate will all help set a relaxing mood for your patients. Incorporating a toddler or children’s play area will help tired parents and nervous children stay busy and less stressed while they wait. Natural plants, an aquarium, or thoughtfully chosen artwork will create a warm, inviting environment for your patients to enjoy while they wait, and up-to-date magazines will prove to be a distraction well worth the monthly subscription fee it costs you.

A New Office Layout

Sometimes, redesigning the entire office layout to accommodate additional treatment rooms, a patient recovery room, or a private patient consultation center could be just the thing to breathe new life and attract new patients into your dental office. Not only could such changes improve patient privacy, but they can also open the doors to potentially new services that you never dreamed of accommodating before. If you ‘ve thought you didn’t have the space to add cosmetic dentistry services to your office, maybe a new layout design might change your mind. Have you considered adding a partner in order to expand your practice? New construction or a new layout could offer your team and patients a fresh start as your dental practice begins to change. These changes will make your staff feel refreshed and excited for the changes that are happening at their work AND they’ll create interest and intrigue from your current and potential patients.

The key is to remember that you don’t have to compromise one for the other. Your dental office can be functional and fun all at the same time. It can be beautiful and beneficial for your patients and staff. Your redesign could make it so your patients will actually enjoy going to the dentist next time. Choose wisely.

At HJT Dental Design Consultants, we’ve got decades of industry expertise as both dentists and designers. We understand exactly how beauty and function go hand-in-hand to create an optimal dental experience for everyone. Across the nation, our clients have discovered the benefits that a carefully designed dental office renovation can bring to any practice. Contact us today to find new beauty and potential in your dental office.