Your Current Dental Office Floor Plans Could Be Causing You More Stress Than You Realize

Posted by HJT Design

Happy dentist in a newly renovated treatment room.

If you or your staff are regularly bumping into each other, you have a matchbox for a break room, no storage space for supplies, and are having to walk too far to get to sterilizations, it might be time for a redesign.

It doesn’t matter whether you bought it, built it, or inherited it. What matters is what it’s like to be working in it and what can be done to improve it. What are the upsides and downsides of redesigning your current office layout?

While it may be tempting, starting over with a clean slate isn’t always the answer and while simply learning to adapt to the existing maze is often the case for the average (who accused you of being average?) You don’t have to settle for “it is what it is,” so let’s examine your options:

Make Over

If a physical tear-up and rework just isn’t possible, then perhaps something as simple as sprucing up the office with a fresh coat of paint, some new, modern finishes, and tossing in some coordinating accessories to rejuvenate the entire office (or at the bare minimum the public spaces), plus integrating some organizational systems to declutter, might be all you really need.

Schedule out a few weekends of fun (try not to think of it as a chore) and soon you’ll be on your way to getting showered with compliments over your updated office.

Limited Renovation

The option of shutting down the office isn’t always possible or practical, but you still have improvements that need to be made to the office like reworking the plumbing and electrical with a big flip-it renovation. Consider a limited renovation.

Start by having a conversation with an architect to share your wants, wishes, and overall vision of how you see your future office. More specifically, talk to an architect that has extensive experience, knowledge, and an understanding of the specific workings of dental offices who can properly assist you with creating your new dental office floor plans.

Solutions and benefits for your office achieved from doing a limited renovation can include:

· Improved and updated aesthetics

· Improved traffic flow pattern

· Better access to equipment and technologies

· Improved overall ergonomics and efficiency in the office

· Increase in productivity

· Improvement of the overall morale of the staff

· Reduction in stress for everyone

Let’s face it, people have enough stress in their daily lives, so anything you can do to help reduce the stress levels in the workplace is a step in the right direction. Good design and well thought out dental office floor plans can lower the overall stress and improve morale for your office staff as well as patient’s experience.

Your dental office is a direct representation of you, the dentist, and your visions. It’s important that it reflects you and the quality of care you provide to your patients. We’d welcome the opportunity to bring your visions to light through insightful designs that meet your clinical requirements and aesthetic criteria while optimizing efficiency and functionality for your practice’s everyday needs. You and your staff have adapted long enough, it’s time to de-stress and increase the positive vibes.

With our years of collective knowledge and experience, we have a deep understanding of the functionality and unique needs within the dental industry. We invite you to contact HJT (866) 213-1268 to start the dialogue regarding a plan for your current or new office and how we can implement your unique visions. We look forward to talking with you soon.