Your Outdated Dental Office is Costing You Money!

Posted by HJT Design

Your Outdated Dental Office Is Costing You Money

Ensuring that the physical space of a dental practice is as appealing as possible to both existing and potential patients as well as the staff – should be a real concern for the forward-looking health professional owner. 

For that reason, the space should be updated in terms of aesthetics and practicalities every five to seven years. With that last thought in mind, here are five updates that can help a dental practice distance itself from its competitors:

Office Aesthetics

For better or worse, client tastes change on a regular basis. It is important for a practitioner to keep up with the times in terms of color and architecture in their dental office space. Similarly, they should consider adding minor amenities such as fish tanks, television sets and other distractions so that their clients do not become bored while waiting. It may seem like a minor point but many dental patients indicate that their time in the waiting area is the most stressful part of their experience. So, it should be mitigated to the largest extent possible.

All Modern Conveniences

Patients expect to be pampered to some extent when visiting a healthcare facility. Offering a coffee service and free wi-fi are just the beginning of what can be offered. Also, consider adding a children’s play area to keep them out of the way of other patients and providing a complimentary tablet to the patient that provides entertainment options while they are sitting “in the chair.” Finally, introducing an online app that allows a client to seamlessly make or change appointments and find out if your practice running on time will save a lot of aggravation for both your clients and your staff.

An Integrated Work Space

The most forward-looking dental practices are installing integrated work spaces that are not separated from individual patient spaces. It allows patients to interact with each other while waiting and also reduces the number of “footsteps” that staff members must make. Most importantly, this improvement is integral to the improvement of the efficiency of a dental practice – a sound practice when it comes to improving the return on your investment. It also adds to client satisfaction – and their return and referral rates – since the completion of procedures can be expedited and gets the client in and out as quickly as possible.

Improved Technology

It should be obvious that the use of paper files and bulky cabinets are no longer the norm in an modern dental office. Instead, it is essential to use digital technology to communicate with your clients, other healthcare providers and their insurance companies. In addition, the latest technologies can relieve your staff of a number of tedious duties such as confirming appointments, billing and registering payments as well as creating and delivering patient prescriptions.

Expanded Services

The dental healthcare field is constantly evolving and it is a very short-sighted owner who does not recognize this fact. An updated facility can include any number of new types of equipment in a proper setting instead of having to squeeze them into an inappropriate space. For example, digital technology has revolutionized the filed of radiology. In addition, such items as ergonomic patient chairs that address the patient’s comfort, are now considered essential. Installing these types of equipment are a win-win situation as they benefit both the patient and the staff.

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